Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj – Shakin It For Daddy


Full version of the snippet Robin played on Rickey Smiley. Off his 4th LP Sex Therapy, 12/8.

Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj – Shakin It For Daddy (prod. Polow Da Don)

Props to DJ Neptune

Yesterday: Robin Thicke feat. Jay-Z – Meiplé (Radio Rip)

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14 Responses to “Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj – Shakin It For Daddy”

  1. mr. vengeance Says:

    smh for posting this

  2. nestle snipes Says:

    robin thicke….i wonder whats thick….hehe

    just sit on my face already, dude.


  3. diggs Says:

    wack juice

  4. nation Says:

    >> eksay sleepin on Exhibit A video

    where is it

  5. Premier Says:

    that ass is ridiculous

  6. sean coonery Says:

    Im gettin’ money is my Quotation
    Family man so i need the Lambo-Station, Slick talk’ll put a chamber into rotation, directors style i shoot em on location
    My hoes Haitian, trini and Croatian
    ass clap louder than a Oprah ovation
    Double D’s on her chest like Dare Devil, her shoe games at a Nine hundred a pair level, Im in Pete Rotta the color of Ricotta, Cheese please you cant tell me nada
    I dont share keys nor do i give her codes, I set run through records down on river road.
    Then i switched up posted on Palisade, the Denali stay smellin like Cali grade, A couple bar number nine squirts, Osama rich thats the hard to find shirt.
    Ya’ rocks keep to they self well mines flirt, They too clean board of health couldn’t find dirt
    Im rich bitch and im screamin’ it like Ashy Larry, they call me brinks boy maybe its the cash i carry.
    Rubberbands pop you gon’ need a scrungee for me, if she a jumpoff
    bet the chick Bungee for me.
    I came a long way and i still stroll the Avenue, Move in style Louis V rolling travel, Local nigga you never been to poland have you? so you couldnt judge me if you was holding gavels, And i used to get the Raw from BOlivia, that was back when Raven Simone was Olivia.
    I did the take out, meaning that i ran orders, I had the transporters sittin’ by the Land borders.
    The Roc a Fella make you rather do a manslaughter, they goin in juniors
    comin’ home wit grandaughters.
    So homie if you got a weapon
    Tote it, you cant jump ship niggas wont accept you bolted/boated.
    When i was doin it for TV i kept it loaded, cause these hatin’ niggas tryna’ final episode it.
    A half a clip in ya hip’ll make ya elvis shake you’ll wanna moan when the bones in ya’ pelvis break.
    Bentley drop cost two-hundred and twelve to take, red gut, white paint, Red Velvet cake

  7. sean coonery Says:

    So Disrespeckfull – 50 Cent

    Your daddy fuck your mama, then fucked your sister
    Then climbed in your bed and started playing with your shitter
    Go ahead, take your belt off and hang yourself
    Matter fact, grab your strap and bang yourself
    Jay’s a big man, he’s too big too response
    I’m a big dick, you know the one, everybody on
    You gon’ make me sing murder was the case
    Bullets rip the shit, ping-ping should’ve stopped your face
    I’m international I’m never home mayne
    I’ve been gone so long, Marq say change
    You better watch who you fuck with mayne
    Or you gon make me curve your ass up, now straight?
    C’mon Game you’ll never be my equal
    Your homies shoot doors, My niggas shoot people
    See me I’m what you never gon’ be
    I’m in the tax brackets you never gonna see

  8. kg Says:

    nicki’s ass looks weird..

  9. chronwell Says:

    THats what I call a boombox!

  10. Hymn Says:

    Shouts to the doctor that injects Nicki’s ass shots!

  11. Tong Po Flo Says:

    That ass needs more padding

  12. Illersz1 Says:

    Robin Thicke must die !

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