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Video: J-Scrilla Ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah & Teflon – No Love

Previously: J-Scrilla feat. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, Ra The MC, Judah, T.E.F.L.O.N., Wordsmith – No Love | J-Scrilla ft. XO & K-Betta – Guns N Butter

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8 Responses to “Video: J-Scrilla Ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah & Teflon – No Love”

  1. the real truth Says:

    Yo Esk I Read That Unkut Interview…Both Parts Extremely Dope

    BTW I Jus Marked May 2010 On My Phone Every Day As The NahBBQ lol…We Need Tht To Happen


  2. D. Billz Says:

    I’m barely 30 seconds into this Pill song “Hear Somebody Comin” and this shit is lava.

    I’ve been impressed by this bamma thus far. He definitely gets my vote for B.O.T.Y.

    Pill > Rich Boy

  3. secondbest21 Says:

    what’s the point in having this phone if im not going to use it to hit nah? i be at work looking at oogly beeshis on facebook when i could be annoying the hell out of some fool tugging on drake’s maple leaf here (nhjic)…

    by the way, i have a feeling i’m not going to like drake’s next release. i hope i’m wrong…

  4. Major 43 Says:

    Love the video. DMV is on the come up. Strange Music, Inner Loop, and 368. Everybody get ready for the “One One Ten” from XO, presented by Studio 43.

  5. upsetthesetup Says:


  6. Overok Says:

    Thank you gentlemen.

  7. Feather Me Leather Says:

    J-Scrilla’s album “Culture Of Honor” features 30 emcees including Cassidy, JR Writer, Oddisee, K-Beta, XO, Reef The Lost Cauze, Slaine, General Steele, Chaundon, Sketch and many many more. Available NOW on itunes, amazon, rhapsody, emusic, napster, etc (includes all instrumentals too!)

  8. rules sk Says:

    inner loop is smack , great video. teflon, xo nuff said. get the no love shirts on http://www.eastcoastclothing.com (the one skrilla is rocking)

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