Audio: Beanie Sigel & Curtis on Power 99


Beans refutes Jay’s points from the press conference on Friday.

Audio: Beanie Sigel & Curtis on Power 99

UPDATE: Video footage here.

Earlier Today: Curtis Says Jay-Z Blocked An $800,000 Offer For Beanie Sigel (Audio)

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  2. rocstar Says:

    rollo Says:

    November 3rd, 2009 at 10:55 pm
    “yo, 1200 a night for a 20minute set. nobody overseas knows who young gunz are. they get exposure, flights/transportation paid for, hotel paid for, food paid for plus they get $1200 to do 4 songs. that is a fucking deal.”

    Damn you slow. 1200 a performance. NOT a night. They aren’t performing everynight. As I said. If they doing 30 dates, thats fucking 40000 they have to SPLIT. They only doing one big tour a year. You cant feed a family on that.

    are u kidding me? $40,000 for 30 dates right?

    so thats $20,000 for 30 DAYS WORK. theres 335 more days in a year. If hov never took em on tour u think they woulda made that? helllll naaaah

  3. E-Money Says:

    I personally think that this is beans fault to an extent..I mean look at Kanye..this nigha came waaay after beans n look at where he at. And why the FUCK is jay signin new people like j.cole when he got other artist on a waitin list to drop an album.???? And Curtis MUST mind his own biz because nigga u still got yayalo n banks not doin shit. Banks is better than beans all day….yayo not but of course we all knew that. Yayo needs E1 Aka Koch LOL

  4. E-Money Says:

    But real talk this coulda been handled in a private manner. You NEVER suppost to let the outside see your inhouse issues or else the add they 2 cents (Curtis). And that Beans track was wack…lyrics was ok but the beat was on the shitty-est level possiable. Damn, I never thought this would happen…makes me wonder what’s next?? Drake vs Wayne?? Now THAT would be entertaining!! ALL bets on Weezy.

  5. E-Money Says:

    Young gunz should speak out for theyself..Beans puttin out business that they may have NOT wanted out for the publics attention.

  6. K Says:

    Beans is that dude… I love his energy!!! he got my $12.00!!!

  7. mailman Says:

    lol ggggg-u know what is!!!

  8. J. Moguldom Says:

    From HipHopWired:

    Beanie Sigel’s recent diss track “What You Talkin’ Bout (Average Cat)” has caused a new soap opera stir on blogs and within the Hip-Hop community. Our industry loves drama and you would think the majority of rappers are females by the soap opera drama that goes on frequently in Hip-Hop.

    “Heard muthaf***ers saying they made Hov/ Made Hov say, ‘OK, so make another Hov’/ N—as wasn’t playing they day role/ So we parted ways like Ben and J. Lo.”
    -Jay-Z-Lost One

    When listening to Sigel’s diss track and interview with radio personality Charlamagne, Sigel mentioned the word “emotions” more than four times and that’s at the heart of the problem. Rappers shouldn’t get “lost” or get it twisted, Hip-Hop is a billion dollar business and it’s a business first and foremost. This is why Jay-Z is worth upwards of $300 million and no other rappers come close to his “business” legacy and footprint. It’s more than having a tight “crew” who is respected, it’s more than friends having fun, it’s more than banging hot chicks, it’s about more than being known as the most famous rapper. It’s a business. The best thing Jay-Z could do for up and coming rappers and his haters is to write a book, “Hip-Hop for Dummies.”

    Sigel is arbitrarily applying “brother” and “homie” standards to Jay-Z that he doesn’t apply to his own dealings. In the interview, Sigel says he turned down Roc-A-Fella tours with Jay-Z because he could make more money doing a concert solo. This was a selfish business consideration, an understandable one and one that I believe Jay-Z understood at the time.
    Sigel also says he brought “street cred” to The Roc. Is he smoking rocks or sherm? Jay-Z is from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, he has sold rocks before, and he was involved, in some way, in the stabbing of music executive Lance ‘Un’ Rivera in 2001. The Roc had “street credibility” from day-1, before Sigel was even in the game. If you brought street cred to The Roc, what do you want for that in 2009?
    Your boy ain’t out there with dem toys and them pings at night
    All dem cracks and the gats left that life alone
    It’s the tracks and the raps and the microphone
    Wish y’all would f*ck that up now
    Sh*t it’s all good now
    We out the hood now
    Beanie Sigel, Remember Them Days

    ne music industry executive and label owner says, “If more than a few of former Jay-Z associates and business partners are questioning his personal and business ethics, it makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes at Roc-A-Fella. Beanie Sigel is not the first artist to question Jay-Z’s loyalty and character credentials.” It’s not a coincidence that a lot of people who were friends with Jay-Z on his way up have turned into negative haters now. Damon Dash, DMX, Dehaven, Biggs, Beanie Sigel, State Property, and others are essentially broke. Of course they have beef with the guy that is still standing tall in the game. It’s easy to be a hater when you’re broke and another man is doing well.
    A prominent CEO of an influential media company who has closely followed Jay-Z’s career says “I believe there is always two sides to each story and am sure there is validity in some instances from both parties, but at the end of the day, there had to be some shady, slimy, backstabbing BS going down. Both Jay-Z and Dame were out for self, and unfortunately the members of State Property (the Philly crew that gave the Roc “Street Cred”) and other members of the Roc were left with nothing. The fact that Beanie Sigel is finally coming out and airing dirty laundry definitely sheds more light on the downfall of the Roc-A-Fella, but it’s painfully obvious that Jay-Z was the ‘smartest’ businessman out of the group.”

    “Slavery 101.” When you’re broke or your career is in a downward spiral (Jay-Z Addresses Beanie Sigel Diss), it’s easier to find faults that you couldn’t find before. You get desperate. Jay-Z is not Santa Claus, he is not the Hip-Hop welfare agency, and he is not anyone’s father (at least on paper anyway (Hush Money). Sigel says Jay-Z could have “pushed him harder” with more music collaborations; however, Sigel got a “premium” in Hip-Hop for just being associated with Jay-Z . It could be argued that Sigel sold more albums, more quickly, because of his association with Jay-Z.

    Sigel focused on what he brought to The Roc and he seems to undermine or dismiss what The Roc brought to his career. Sigel also does not discuss how his reckless street activities endangered “The Roc,” formal company business, and Sigel’s personal financial situation. Rather than blame Jay-Z for career stagnation, Sigel must answer the question, how did I sabotage my own career? Dash must ask the same.
    This hater sentiment is no better than that guy on 125th street or Crenshaw who refuses to work, has a rap sheet of felonies, and preaches about how “the white man” and the “system” is holding him back. At some point, rappers and so-called Hip-Hop moguls have to take responsibility for their reckless bling spending, not becoming more educated about the business (library and the internet are free), and not saving a percentage of their earned income.
    “Beans, I ain’t trying to change you, just give you some game/ To make the transition, from the street to the fame”
    Jay-Z- “Momma Loves Me”

    It appears Sigel now wants a “father figure” to take care of him. One editor from a popular blog who wants to remain anonymous says, “Beanie Sigel is looking for a hand out and Jay is not buying into that right now.” Like a lot of fathers out there, Jay-Z is often too busy focusing on his “business” and building his dream out. You can’t hate on that, not if you consider yourself a grown man who feels responsible for his own condition.

  9. SoWait Says:

    # rocstar Says:
    November 3rd, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    the really sad part is that hov has addressed all of this whining and crying on BP3. he should re-release it.

    and man what is Beanie talking about

    what we talkin about? we talkin about fiction or we talkin about fact?


    Which part of that bbc new report said that Beanie was lying? He said Hov took the stand but he also said Hov said he wouldn’t be able to be responsible for dude. Yet Hov is taking the same stand saying dude is a stand up guy and should be released to go on tour?

    The two just don’t make sense and shows Hov is shady as fuck and only bout the dollar. I never had beans back.

  10. Mo Says:

    50 and Beans are playing checkers with a chess playing Hov

    Is a lose/lose for both 50 and beans,

    Jay-Z refuses to get used….he will just not address this until his next album comes out or he may not address it at all…

    Jay-Z is too smart for this – TRUST. Notice how he’s not even talking. Believe it will stay like this for years….lol…

    and Honestly I would do the same…hehe.

  11. Mo Says:

    beans should never bite the hand the fed you…ever…not a good look.

  12. Padrino Says:

    You never see Jay talking about the super smart 5o cent and his gunit label because they don’t exist. 50 is the only person on the roster. Ask yourself when is the next Banks album???? Mop told yall niggas these labels were fake.

  13. Padrino Says:

    800,000 my ass 2 cases of vitamin water and some Big and Tall Gunit clothing. That should do it right Beans, Ill throw in some 50 cent video games.. You already got those ugly ass pro ked state prop sneakers so your cypher is complete.

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  15. Slow Ur Roll, Know Ur Roll Says:

    Memphis Bleek has sold more reocrds the Beanie Sigel. FACT!

  16. Max Profit Says:

    The Roc had us all like little kids watching wrestling in the 80’s – none of us knew it was all fake!!!

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