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Wiz Khalifa – Burn After Rolling (Mixtape)


Immediately hit the jump for the track list + download link.

Listen to this shit.

1. B.A.R.
2. Gettin Up
3. Take Yo Bitch
4. The Thrill
5. One Way
6. Miles
7. If I Were A Lame
8. Meet New People
9. Weekend
10. Young Khalifa
11. Knock U Down
12. On Tha Pill
13. When U Find
14. Mafia Music (Remix)
15. Say U Will
16. Timeless
17. Won’t Land
18. Ode To Naked Pop Stars
19. All My Life Freestyle
20. Great To Be There (Outro)

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Burn After Rolling (Mixtape)

Props to Shake.

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68 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – Burn After Rolling (Mixtape)”

  1. KUTTA Says:

    the more tats you get, the better rapper you are.

  2. KUTTA Says:

    btw, pic on top right of mixtape cover…. AYOOOOOOOoooooooo.

  3. Lurker Mcgavin Says:

    Kevin Garnett bottom left

  4. Tree Says:

    “If I were a Lame” = song of the year.. hands down and it aint even close…

    I sometimes wish I wasn’t going to school for business so I could get tatted the fuck up and not give a muthafuck (c) Wiz.. I have some dope ideas and shit.. but then I wake up and realize I can’t rap nor hoop, and the NFL just aint gonna happen.. word to colt brennan.

    I consider myself a “realiest” and the last of a dyin’ breed (no trick daddy)..

  5. seafood lover Says:

    since when has it ever been gay to eat pussy? smh at the display of faggotry here. Me, i loves me the tast of some poon. Im a conniseur of that shit. That being said, you dont eat a hoes pussy and you dont eat if they havent had a shower.

  6. KUTTA Says:

    i was defending the love of seafood.

    i aint typin too fast you readin too slow.

  7. seafood lover Says:

    nah kutta, i was reffering to Tony.

  8. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    the hell is a “realiest”?

  9. KUTTA Says:

    Lurker Mcgavin Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 3:22 am
    Kevin Garnett bottom left


    camel face, bottom right.

  10. seafood lover Says:

    BISD been on solid replay in the car since it leaked. I understand now when he said it was a prequel to GRODT. Shit is undeniably gutter. As far as Curtis….that album was dookieeeee

  11. ace* Says:

    wiz is on point with this one

  12. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    BISD is a pretty shitty effort (if u can call it that). What the fuck is he talkin about, really? All this “Agressive Content” shit, who actually believes a bar of this shit?

    “tryna pop ya fuckin noodle” “fuck around get clapped @” “ima shooter like a brooklyn nigga, ima hustler it don’t get no bigga”

    be forreal nigga. this nigga reminds of the George Washington Duke in Rocky 5 “touch me… i’ll sue” ass nigga

  13. GLITCH Says:

    lotta white dudes who ride for this guy

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  15. sleep Says:

    I’ve never heard this guy rap. How he expect to get a job will al those tatts?

  16. Burn After Rolling « Project 4000 Says:

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  17. loop' Says:

    this shit is dope

  18. CheezyDoDo Says:

    is this guy really singing in auotune over fergies if i were a boy LMAO

    tape is fresh besides that and the song after

  19. moresickaMC Says:


    50 Cent – They Burn Me


  20. TheCoolest Says:

    I’m defintely gonna need the no dj version of the mixtape.I Can’t listen to a song with a dumbass DJ screaming on it

  21. Tweezy Says:

    Been waiting on this

  22. SDP aka the somali pirate Says:

    # KUTTA Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 3:16 am

    the more tats you get, the better rapper you are.



  23. Stratford Lex Says:

    Someone was asking bout CH the other day, jus seen these pre innascope tapes, only skimmed but they sound Staff Developmentish, soulful samples an all that.


    Flamezcrib vol 1

  24. Al Poelvordino Says:

    CLIPSE till the casket drops DEC 8TH 09
    OBIE bottoms up FEBRUARY 10
    DATz DAH ishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

  25. SDP aka the somali pirate Says:


  26. sean coonery Says:

    why did 50 cent put the dark skint kelly rowland in his video for baby by me..?

    he should of called lauren london…man…no dark skint girls…please..

    is ne yo gay?

  27. Wonder P. Says:

    Aye, Wiz is that Thizz. Thnks for this shit yall!

  28. Joe 88 Says:

    Keep fucking with me you, gon turn me back to boo boo (c) 50 Cent

    I got a crazy/funny ass story to tell the nahggers, come on out of lurking

    *listens to more 50 cent*

  29. the real truth Says:

    *Daps All*

    Baby By Me Video Is Iight…Defintely Downloading This

    Early Wiz >>>

  30. the real truth Says:

    SDP aka the somali pirate Says:

    November 2nd, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Ur Man Crush Did His Thing On That Tape (no)

  31. seafood lover Says:

    im so disrespectful, so-so-so disrespectful

  32. Al Poelvordino Says:

    BISD > REBIRTH..wereyungmula

  33. seafood lover Says:

    “its a bird its a plane, no its curt cocaine”

    *instant death*

  34. Joe 88 Says:

    My grandpa drunk, my uncle ralph drunk
    my uncle champ smoke my whole pack up
    I had 250 grams stashed on the porch
    I mean, how much yo gon smoke mane? How much you gon snort?

  35. Joe 88 Says:

    I seen niggas get rich, then days went by,
    then days went by
    then days went by
    I got tired of not having shit, then days went by
    then days went by
    then days went by

  36. the real truth Says:

    BISD = Suprise Album Of The Year?

    Ayo Get Dre On The Horn…Tell Him To Bring Up Old Comments Of Everybody Saying The Album Was Gonna Be Trash….Oh Yea And To Grip Up

  37. seafood lover Says:

    i got spiderman high/
    i made batman fly/
    your favorite hero took a hit/
    now here, you try
    i dont care if its a sin
    i dont care if your ten
    look around kid its a cold world were in

  38. Joe 88 Says:

    *Listens to “4 Walls”*

  39. Rick the new intern Says:

    # the real truth Says:
    November 2nd, 2009 at 7:57 am

    BISD = Suprise Album Of The Year?

    Ayo Get Dre On The Horn…Tell Him To Bring Up Old Comments Of Everybody Saying The Album Was Gonna Be Trash….Oh Yea And To Grip Up


    oh yeah and sweet capitalization dowg!

  40. Tweezy Says:

    BISD = Suprise Album Of The Year?


  41. the real truth Says:

    sweet capitalization dowg!


  42. the real truth Says:

    Honestly I Cant Get Past This Song Of Wiz Singin In Auto-Tune…It Ruins This Tape For Me To Keep it 100

  43. shamon from bx soundview Says:

    this mixtape is is sick and fire i like it and i’m a new fan

  44. No_neva-eva Says:

    I’ve never heard this guy rap. How he expect to get a job will al those tatts?


    Lil Wayne impersonator at kids’ birthday parties?

  45. D. Billz Says:

    I’m downloading this mixtape as SOON as I get back to the crib.

    Wiz > Wayne … as far as inked up rappers.

    ink my whole body I don’t give a mutherfuck

  46. Joe 88 Says:

    Losing is not a opinion
    my moves they still watching
    the fiends they still coppin
    those grams we still cop em
    pulled myself up when I landed at the bottom
    now my team ballin, they on the sideline watching
    them tags we just pop em
    make it back the same day
    glasses say prada
    on the V-Neck where the chain lay
    hope it’s no a problem
    cause they know my aim is grade-A
    throw the heat across his chest
    lift em like dwayne wade
    at 16 I saw things you aint never seen
    I done lived a nightmare you could never dream
    moms was a hard worker
    daddy was a needle fiend
    now I balance both charactor traits like a triple beam
    this was meant for me, sky is the limit
    try to stop me in the sky you’ll be living
    so if you plotting forget it
    young nigga with stocks & percentage
    willing to knock em out of his socks and his tennis
    I’ma menace nigga!

  47. Joe 88 Says:

    Billz! *daps*

    What’s good homie?

  48. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Wale if your blogging…just downloaded your album & its tight!!!! To bad you had some slick shit to say like your shit don’t stink cause I was actually going to support your uppity ass, but (pause) I’d rather support my nigga 50. So fuck you and thanks again for the good music dickhead. Buurrr!!!! Buurrr!!!! Buurrr!!!!

  49. a tribe called quest Says:

    bunch of soulful tracks i dig this

    when u find >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  50. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Shout out to Dre for the NR Lite new tab thing

  51. Joe 88 Says:

    In jail, your nickname would be “extra plates”

  52. Eastern_Digital Says:

    btw: I done told yall that 50 would deliver with BISD nh.

  53. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    You, you, you, you, you, you, and you owe me drinks if you’re in NYC next week when I turn 21.


    Shoutout to Dre for shouting me out/snitching.

    * Daps Dre without recieving return daps for his work ethic [n] for last time*

    Oh and the London in my name not only reflects my distinguished demeanour but also my geographical location. So dont hold you breath for that drink

  54. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    * daps the dapable *

    She ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal

    Kayne = Top Features 2009. Any arguments?

  55. KzA Says:

    yyo morning *daps* to all..How bout dem fuckin Yanks

  56. White and on Nahright Says:

    Fuck yeah Won’t land!!!

  57. JAYLMOSSES Says:


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  59. shakildwz Says:

    if i weeeeeeere a lammmmmmmme …only just for a week.. id look myself in the mirror and shoot the first thing i seen, no honestly i…try and find someone else… and i make it seem like it’s his fault.. that im broke and can’t get on…and he’s doin shit i can do for myself.. if i were a lame..id probably understand.. how it feels to hate so myself i got to hate another maaan…

  60. Jomoses Says:

    Why Wiz got all these old ass songs on here? Smh…

  61. shakildwz Says:

    Everything after track 13 is old / ass

  62. misterthumbs Says:

    this shit is ill as expected…


    This guy really resembles Prince Paul minus all the tattoos… Is he any good?

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  67. Mouf Milly Says:

    About to check this shit out – Him and Curren$y always got me thinkin’ ehh – think dude got talent though – hope its what yall making it sound like.

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