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Video: Rosa Acosta’s Stretching Video

Soooooooo…I promised you guys that when I got past 20,000friends on Twitter…I would have another STRETCHING VIDEO for you guys. Well…now I’m up for 26,000+, and I wanted to make sure I showed everyone how much I appreciate it! So….me! Rosa! New Video…just for you!!!

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8 Responses to “Video: Rosa Acosta’s Stretching Video”

  1. Lil' Nello Says:

    DIZZZUMMMM wow just wow! She already sexy as hell but damn the stretching just makes Rosa that damn sexier! This video just proves once again she easily 1 of the baddest chicks right now to!

  2. APES IN SPACE Says:

    damn this chick just got my boxers salty & whats up with no comments on this shit just prooves there are a bunch of fags on this site

  3. de la Says:

    what is her number

  4. Aggressive Content Says:

    This is one of them posts that SHOULD hang@the top of nahright for a few days.

  5. SouthLondonRep Says:


  6. lolad Says:

  7. DAmn Says:

    good lord i done messed my self……

  8. Ultimate2008 Says:

    She is going to pose for Playboy one day soon.
    Mark my words.
    She nearly let them tits out man, she’s FIRE.

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