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NeakO – The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition (Mixtape)


Says Jabari:

On the third installment of his “Rubix Cube” mixtape series, Jabari & The NMC Present: NeakO “The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition”, rapper/producer Neako showcases his musical genius like never before. Producing half of the mixtape himself, NeakO proves that he is a true artist behind the boards as well as behind the microphone. With guest appearances from Young Chris and veteran MC, Bun B, The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition is a well rounded tale of aspiration, love, and deception.

Download: Neako feat. Bun B – Rock On (prod. Neako)

Hit the jump for the track list + download link.

Previously: Neako feat. Young Chris – Suicide

1. I Just Wanna Fly Away (Prod. by NeakO)
2. Falling Star (Prod. by Vertical Jones)
3. They Already Know (Prod. by NeakO)
4. Rock On (Feat. Bun B) (Prod. by NeakO)
5. I Could Be (Prod. by NeakO)
6. Looking Like Somebody (Prod. by NeakO)
7. Suicide Interlude (Feat. Young Chris) (Prod. by NeakO)
8. Those Strange Faces (Prod. by Develop)
9. Under The Shade (Prod. by Jahi Chambers)
10. Smooth Sailing (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)
11. Don’t You Break My Heart (Prod. by Young Jerz)
12. Cold Shoulder (Prod. by NeakO)
13. Chilling Interlude (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)
14. Leaping Through Time (Prod. by Chase N. Cashe)

Download: NeakO – The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition | Direct Link

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15 Responses to “NeakO – The Rubix Cube: Blue Edition (Mixtape)”

  1. Premier Says:

    This nigga Landlord got the best Jay-z/Camel jokes

  2. Black Favre Says:

    upon first listen, this NeakO nigga is borderline wack… aint nothing new or good to hear here …

  3. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    If Knicks wanna sign Lebron they gotta be competitive no?…atleast .500

  4. D_block_4_life Says:

    I also attend the church of Jay Electronica. Just saying

  5. Black Favre Says:

    Lebron would never play for the current Knicks organization…

    Ownership is far too fucked up, and the culture of dysfunctional behavior is too deeply ingrained at MSG for LeBron to consider wearing a Knick uniform… he’ll use them for negotiating leverage and then he’ll resign with Cleveland …

  6. why? Says:

    D.Wade or Lebron? One of them is gonna leave their team. Shaq isn’t helping Cleveland. Last I saw the guy wanted to be Officer Shaq w/o pay. GTFOH. EITHER BASKETBALL OR RETIRE AND BECOME COP NOT SPORTS AND POLICE BULLSHIT.

  7. D. Billz Says:

    King James would end up fightin’ niggas in the locker room AND on the court if he was a Knick.

  8. Captain Planet Says:

    Rihanna ft Young Jeezy chorus



  9. D. Billz Says:

    Though Shaq’s age has slowed him down tremendously, he’s still a force to be reckoned with and still has to be double-teamed in the post. He was recruited for rebounds and distraction. Albeit an expensive one, but there aren’t many free agent centers worth the headache. Best to take chances with a veteran legend. He has already proved his unselfishness and team ethic when he got Wade a ring. The East isn’t dominant in the paint so I’m expecting a Cleveland/Boston or Cleveland/Magic East finals. I think he wants to show the young gun Dwight Howard a thing or two after all of this “Superman” talk.

  10. Known Unknown Says:

    upon first listen, this NeakO nigga is borderline wack… aint nothing new or good to hear here …


    It gets better once the tracks other people produced begin. I thought the same thing, but once track 9 hits, the production/lyrics really begin to compliment each other.

  11. Time Says:

    This whole album is garbage

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