Maino – Gotta Love Me


Maino – Gotta Love Me (CDQ)

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11 Responses to “Maino – Gotta Love Me”

  1. THE Original Rhythm Says:

    Best Maino Song Ever!

  2. Wheretheydothatat? Says:

    Trillest nigga from NY

  3. BK...Then Them Says:

    This is the thing…Maino is becoming a better rapper and this is like one of the only niggaz that make sense when he talk. If he comes out with quality I will support it

  4. Thomas Says:

    This isn’t bad at all. His album was decent.

  5. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    “Maino – Gotta Love Me”…No we don’t nigga!

  6. wow Says:

    Maino…please! This song is cool…but you are really not DOPE!

  7. Mark Says:

    Being decent does not equal someoone has to acknowledge you. Why do these ny rappers always have to act like its a conspiracy theory against them if they are not mentioned as a hot emcee? All Maino is going is complaining on a couple verses and repeationg on the chorus “you gotta love me.” What is he trying to brainwash the public or himself into beleiving that?!!!!

  8. jdot Says:

    No I don’t.

  9. Audio: Maino – Gotta Love Me | Bridgez Magazine Says:

    […] Maino – Gotta Love Me […]

  10. J Dela Says:

    can we get zshare links? usershare previews never work for me.

  11. Nick Every Says:

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