Video: UGK ft. Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon – She Luv It (Remix)

Directed by Blue Guerilla Film.

From the UGK 4 Life album.

Previously: UGK feat. Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon – She Luv It (Remix)

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2 Responses to “Video: UGK ft. Slim Thug & Killa Kyleon – She Luv It (Remix)”

  1. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    Joe budden comemnts on Beans and Jazy beef

    “Beanie Sigel going at Jay-Z, huh,” Budden said during a live blog chat. “Is that what it’s come to in hip-hop? Hip-Hop is f*cking wack. Why he ain’t never go at him before, that’s what I wanna know. That sh*t is weak. N*ggas dissing Jay-Z is weak. Aight, I don’t wanna hear that sh*t. Beans is nice and I like Beans, I just feel like n*ggas dissing Hov is pointless and mind you, I’m very aware that I dissed Hov countless times, I dissed Hov a bunch of times. I am so so aware of that. I did not diss Hov recently…I’ve matured, Jay is d*mn near a billionaire and he just performed at Yankee Stadium, diss him for what? Even if you rap better than Jay-Z, which some people do today, you’re gonna lose. If you go against Jay-Z, the fight is automatically fixed and I really like Jay-Z and I really like The Blueprint 3 for the most part, killed the intro, he’s got a bunch of songs on there I really like…You take Jay-Z away from hip-hop, what do you have? Is it the same? No.” (World Star Hip Hop)

  2. Biscuit Booty Says:

    Why do People give 50 a pass about buck and dont give jay one about Beans. Beans and Buck are like the same type of people. Both drank and smoked their money up. Beans went to jail NUMEROUS amount of times. But people hate the squeaky clean image of Jay and want to pin him to do something dirty. Jay always comes off clean and people hate that. Some people desperately want to see him fall. But 50 treats his employees like slaves. I mean this dude released a private phone call about buck crying. Jay would never do no shit like that and somehow people still respect 50. SMH.

    Why would you want to be an employee of 50. He’ll give you money and take care of you but you’ll have to be a clown ass nigga and do everything he says. LMAO. What grown man wants to have another nigga tell him what to do all the time. A lot of you niggas is comfortable being tony yayo’s, having a nigga take care of you. what part of the game is that? Once again that is a hood mentality. Niggas wanna be taken care of. WHY? take care of yourself. Jay gives you a job, he gives you freedom. If you ask about the game he’ll give you advice and help. But he’s not going to go all out for a dude. Thats just not his personality. You have to have ambition to do something. This was the same model of Dipset and How Cam ran things. We sign you, now you do you. We not going to hold your hand. Like Fif says. Jay handles thing in traditional business. But niggas want to eat free.

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