Wiz Khalifa – When U Find + Burn After Rolling Mixtape Artwork


Wiz’s latest project drops this Monday, 11/2.

Wiz Khalifa – When U Find

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28 Responses to “Wiz Khalifa – When U Find + Burn After Rolling Mixtape Artwork”

  1. lea Says:

    nice cover! i like that movie for some reason, but still am confused as to the plot or purpose!!

  2. Gravity Says:

    Quick, my girl is getting impatient does anyone know??


    That joint he did with R.Kelly.. which reminds me of linestepping too. This ni99a Beans wanna claim loyalty now that he needs it. He didn’t think of loyalty when he made that track with the child molester at the height of Jay vs. Aaliyah’s rapist. Nooo, now its JayZ the dirty ni99a that ain’t street… SMMFH nonstop.

  3. Boos Bigelow Says:

    # Gravity Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    All this so-called street code ni99as only wanna claim street when shit ain’t in their favor! Som1 on Nah did say beans and freeway were done for laughing with Whoo-Kid about the Camelface joke. Beans is a Liar, FACT.
    I bought all his albums retail too so I ain’t hating just spitting truth.

    Good point…to me street shit…is basically kiddie shit or immature shit…Niggas know they are in a corporation but want to still act hood….People always wanna talk G shit when it suits them….

    Thats why a lotta dudes who feel Beans got the same mentality as Him, which most educated people can’t live or ration with…

    Beans lacked education and a father…Never learned how to pull up his boot straps…blames another nigga for lack of his success…but still wants to be on some street shit…

  4. a tribe called quest Says:

    I can get this earlier if i just had access to my comp = /

  5. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    October 30th, 2009 at 6:48 pm
    RIGZ Says:

    October 30th, 2009 at 6:45 pm
    Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 6:40 pm

    The album, The B. Coming, hit the shelves on March 29, 2005, released by Dame Dash Music Group.


    I thought that album was on Rocafella, swear I remember a Roc logo on the back of it…

    But then again….*puffs more weed* ….i dunno man….




    “Whoever decided to make certain choices without talking to Beans is a little out of line anyway,” Dame added. “It doesn’t mean that there is no State Property, it just means that they don’t believe in what we believed in as far as that independent spirit and should have had enough respect to go to Beans. But certain people feel there was never a State Property anyway.”

    Dash was referring to Sigel’s choice to start up a label under the Dame Dash Music Group umbrella. Despite being incarcerated, and without any artists in his fold, he is forging forward. Sigel shot five videos before going to jail, and the latest, “And You Don’t Stop,” is scheduled to begin airing soon. Sigel’s third LP, The B. Coming, is coming on March 29, with “State Property 2″ hitting theaters on July 13. His mother says that he is looking at brand new artists, one of whom may be his fiancee, Melissa, who sings on the underground smash “Change Gon’ Come.”

  6. why? Says:

    It doesn’t matter if somebody knows Beans or not. A follower of the hip hop genre or mainly the Roc A Fella group knows what that guy has contributed. Plus Jay has been a household name since the late 90’s so comparing him to Beans is stupid. Beans didn’t say he was better than Jay so why the fuck is everybody comparing? At the end of the day it was just an old friend speaking about how he felt about his boss/friend. That whole roc a fella group was dysfunctional and disbanded like any other major group does when there is a disagreement over things and people don’t get what they want. At this point Jay might be at the top but dude has been in the game for a while and is more on his grown man shit. He will probably talk to Beans at some point but then who knows what really happened.

  7. Gravity Says:

    I have named at least 4 times Sigel displayed public disloyalty or some dumb shit to verify his wack disgruntled hood hand-me-out mindset but nobody has answers to that … Thats what I thought. JayZ created the swineflu, bombed Iwo Jima and assassinated MLK!

  8. Boos Bigelow Says:


    Chingy blame Ludacris for not blowing up and still being relevant today…

    U-god blame RZA for his lack of success

    Murphy Lee blame nelly

    Carl Thomas blame diddy

    Rakim Blame Dre for being relevant today….

    People should realize that its you that control your destiny…You are responsible for you…

  9. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    Only three months after signing with Island Def Jam, reports are surfacing that Damon Dash’s Damon Dash Music Group is close to leaving IDJ.
    According to New York Post reports, Dash began demanding more money on marketing and promotion after inking the deal. Word is Universal wasn’t too pleased with Dash persistently seeking an executive position within Universal. The two parties reportedly started negotiating an exit package last week.

    “He was demanding more money spent on him and more time and attention,” a source close to the deal told the NY Post. “And he wanted a bigger role at the company.”
    In December 2004, Dash, Kareem “Biggs” Burke and Jay-Z split after Def Jam bought the remaining 50% of Roc-A-Fella it didn’t own for $10 million. Hov, who is now Def Jam’s president, was overseeing Dash’s joint venture. An official announcement is likely to come as early as this week.

    Despite his numerous ventures, which includes Rocawear, Armadale Vodka, America magazine and Pro Keds, word is labels haven’t been showing much interest in Dash.

    “The problem is nobody is courting him,” said a prominent music industry executive.

    Earlier this year, the DDMG released Beanie Sigel’s third album, The B. Coming under the Def Jam joint venture. M.O.P. announced that they were leaving the label last week

    The last sentence is most import. Im just using this to make a point, when he says he cud not go with 50, dude chose dame a long time ago, so i just think hov washed his hands with him

  10. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    Boos Bigelow Says:

    October 30th, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Chingy blame Ludacris for not blowing up and still being relevant today…

    U-god blame RZA for his lack of success

    Murphy Lee blame nelly

    Carl Thomas blame diddy

    Rakim Blame Dre for being relevant today….

    People should realize that its you that control your destiny…You are responsible for you…

    and lood how diddy did poor Mark Curry

  11. wonkakid Says:

    Burn After Rolling?

    Pfft. I’d listen if it was

    BRRn after reading.



  12. Troyvul Says:


  13. a tribe called quest Says:


    Chingy blame Ludacris for not blowing up and still being relevant today… = Chingy left Luda at the height of his success to sign with another label, he did moderately well but tailed off.

    U-god blame RZA for his lack of success = Its Obvious who were the stars

    Murphy Lee blame nelly = Murphy is Nellys bleek

    Carl Thomas blame diddy = He did well

    Rakim Blame Dre for being relevant today…. = This was a mistake

    People should realize that its you that control your destiny…You are responsible for you…

  14. Gravity Says:

    You know a ni99a reaching to make a mountain out of a mole story when he claims he invented the “Teach a man to fish” concept in the late 90′ that Hov used on BP3! I mean c’mon, how fucking ridiculous is that. Beans story holds no water and I would have cracked his story to bits if I interviewed him. Journalists report for sensationalism these days, not to unearth the truth. Wack.

  15. Troyvul Says:

    Just listened to the whole Beans interview. I dont have facts like Ice or Gravity stating facts. Listenin to tht interview Beans is just hurt. Someone that you called your “friend” someone you vouched for all the time isnt turning around and doing the same shit for you is wack. So basically Beans had enough and needed to vent simple as that. Whether Jay chooses to respond or not thats his perogative, but a conversation between the two should of happened already.

    And fucking Dame dash lol….this guy got exposssseeeddd during this whole turn of events oh well.

  16. Boos Bigelow Says:

    Beans went with Dame only to find out…Dame stole money from him…now he’s mad at Hov for his own actions(gettling locked up numerous times)….and Hov not being there for him…

    He’s not that Mad at Dame even though he stole LARGE amounts of money from him…but he’s more mad at Hov for not giving him a convo…

    Niggas I swear…

  17. D. Billz Says:

    Taylor Gang!

  18. Gravity Says:

    The same sense of entitlement that will hold anyone back in life is what beans has a bad case of! “Yeah I fucked up but you s’posed to be there 4eva, its G money, we all we got!”

    GTFOH with that nonsense, people even break vows they made before God and get divorces, I signed you to a deal and told you get off the streets but now that you fucked up I’m obligated to you for life? Even child support ends @ 18!!!

  19. Boos Bigelow Says:

    Now its Evident why Jay brushed Dame off so violently….Jay doesn’t even want to be in the same room as Dame…Cause dame STOLE money from Jay..and if you fuck with jay’s money you fucking with Life…

    So all those Dame apologist got crushed like a 9/11 building….but It just happened to be incidental…LMAO…

    So now we see how jay is justified in taking the Def Jam position….Its funny in how all those Dame vs Jay convo’s got deaded in a new york minute

  20. Gravity Says:

    FTR; In an interview last week,either this ni99a Hov fucking sees the future(stan statement, I know) or He knew som’n was up. He confessed to the journalist that He stole ‘Anything’ from another artist ‘cos he felt like that was his ‘thing’ based on the Annie track…. He even went as far as saying the song ddn’t blow up ‘cos it was a direct repercussion of him stealing the joint. I ddn’t remotely think it was Beans.. LOL

  21. Ghost Writer Says:

    This is dope

  22. richyung Says:

    keep it up wiz

  23. young fucker Says:

    Wiz Khalifa is the ish!!!!!!addicted to champagne!!!
    This young Wiz is gonn show 50 what rap is!

  24. Nut$ Says:

    # D. Billz Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

    Taylor Gang!

  25. YoungHeat Says:

    This joint go hard. Wiz is one of my favorite INDEPENDENT artists out !

  26. wordjoe Says:

    Damn, is it nov 2nd yet?… Wiz doing his thing! How Fly and Flight School stay on repeat!

  27. E-Mecca Says:

    Nice Track by wiz khalifa but didnt some boston cats rap over this beat i think termanology

  28. Krooked Letta Says:

    Anyone know the name of the original song that they sampled ?
    Also any other songs using that sample ??
    Cause i swear i heard that sample on some other track i just cant think where.

    p.s it isnt Curren$y or Terminology im thinking of..

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