Beanie Sigel Calls Charlamagne Tha God

Powerhouse 2005: Operation Takeover

3:35-4:00 I love the way 50 did with his dawgs. If you look at it, them dudes got more money and more bread than anybody in State Property. Cuz 50 made sure of that. 50 went on tour AND paid them. Not tell them it was a good look for them to be on the tour and things like that. True story, I’m sitting on house arrest and the Young Gunz call my phone cuz Jay-Z is only paying them $1200 a show. And they had to split it.

Beanie Sigel Calls Charlamagne Tha God (10/30/09) [38min] | Usershare

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411 Responses to “Beanie Sigel Calls Charlamagne Tha God”

  1. elgindotcom Says:

    no lie, 1200 a show is alot for some damn young guns.

  2. abdurrahmaan Says:

    this is addressed to sigel. someone please make sure to get it to him or tell him about it:

    your problem is the fact that you talkin bout gangsta, when you need to be talkin bout “Allahu akbar” in the row for prayer everyday at the masjid. you need to be w/ good righteous muslims, not gangsta muslims or gangsta anyone else for that matter.

    yeah, you need to get on your islam, and get off your gangsta.
    see youre right, your gangsta aint never been on trial……but youre islam is. Allah testin you everyday, yet you failin. you wanna a be gangsta, knowin that Allah dont approve. you wanna be a rapper. knowing that Allah dont approve. you wanna smoke out, syrup out, dope out, knowing that Allah dont approve. you livin your live in a way that Allah dont approve.

    how you expect to have any type of success, when you livin your life in a way that Allah dont approve of. and you know, being a muslim, that success dont mean x# of dollars, hos, cars…..whatever it is that you call yourself wanting in life. success is that you obey Allah, do what you have been ordered to do, and be entered in paradise b/c Allah has shown mercy to you out of your righteous efforts in this life. all that jazz you poppin about takin bullets for jay and the roc……what you gon take for Allah? what you gon give up for Allah? youd rather give up your life for the sake of niggas and material, than to give up your foul lifestyle for the sake of your Lord. and this aint no diss “record” either. this a real record too.
    and whats real, is that Allah has made it easy for you to get out of your situation of dope, gangsterism, , jail/ prison terms, etc…, yet you INSIST to stay stuck where you at. tryin to keep it real for ya “niggas” and the “hood”. rather, yoy a perfect example of “when keepin it real, goes wrong.” you mad at jay, for not visitin you in jail?!?

    let me tell you somethin killa, i would not have visited you either. only niggas w/ no sense, visit other niggas w/ no sense in jail, locked up for some easily preventable crap, stupid stuff. nobody wann see they loved ones in a cage like a rat. see, once or twice, its ok. but when you start going to jail every two weeks, start gettin in trouble everyday…….nobody wanna deal w/ that, esp. ppl who dont wanna have nothin to do w/ that lifestyle and what it brings. ppl can only tolerate it for so long, then they give up. i know you know cats, muslim or not, who stayed in trouble time after tim after time. and they ppls was dealin w/them time after time after time. then what happened…..they gave up on them, and let them be who they wanted to be. they turned away from them, like they turned away from they own self. jay just doin to you what should be done to you…….boycottin you. muslims boycott you, why shouldnt he? everybody knows you dont support wrongdoers……that justs helps them in they wrongdoing. when a “nigga” know that a person got his back, right or wrong, he dont care how he act. but when a “nigga” know that he can get cut off for actin a fool, he think about stuff before doin it. that oughtta tell you somethin. i got muslim bros down here that stay in and out of jail. i go to the jails to propagate islam. and when i see them cats, them repeat offenders, i turn my head. why? b/c they know better.

    dwight, you know better.

    im only goin in on you, cause i feel like no one else do. i guess them brothers up there scared of you, since you know, you all gangsta and your gangsta aint never been on trial. i get tired of see you, my muslim brother, make the same mistakes over and over and over. you gots to know brother, that you cant keep on the way you are doin. dont you have mouths to feed? feed them the right way, and stop puttin hellfire in they stomachs and yours to. aint you never heard about the man who prayed to Allah, but his prayers were never answered b/c his wealth was haram, food was haram, clothes was haram…….

    you want Allah to do somethin for you, or jay? want Allah to provide for you, or jay? want Allah to make it easy for you, or jay? you worship Allah, or jay?

    no one is perfect, but when it is overly evident, as in your case, that one aint even strivin to be perfect……..then may Allah have mercy on you.
    i love you for the sake of Allah, as i do all my muslim brothers and sisters, and i love for them what i love for myself. and i love for myself that i make efforts to get right and so the same for you. but what can i (or anyone else) do if you dont even love for yourself what someone else loves for you? think about that, for real.

    again, i love you for the sake of Allah, no other reason. you dont know me from adam’s housecat, but you know its true, else i wouldnt be “takin you to the yard”. now love the ones that love you, stop loving the ones that dont love you, shape up, get right and obey your Lord so we can get it crackin in the next life. forget this one.

    dwight, lemme tell you why he didnt vouch for you when time for bail:
    you were unreliable, plain and simple.

    and i dont mean that from “i ride or die for my mans n dem” type. nah, you got that erryday. you know, “ya gansgta aint on trial”. rather, i mean from the “i’mma get black out and he gon get into some trouble and have to go back and imma lose my stacks b/c he got tendencie to not fly straight in the most supid of ways that just dont make no sense” type. and Allah knows best, but he prob. tried to make you see that at various points prior to that, but you wasnt seein that. matter fact, you said ya self, for example, he told you not to go at jada and nas or whoever you said. why you aint listen? boss tellin you “this”, but you doin “that”. so he was prob. tellin you: “ya need to stop ridin dirty, you a felon. you gon mess up your bread”, “ya need to stop syppin, you a felon. you gon mess up your bread.”, “ya need to stop buckin ery chance you get, you a felon. you gon mess up your bread.”

    you my muslim bro and i love you for the sake of Allah, but i wouldnt have even vouched for you at that time, or now even, if i was in that situation. you got tendencies, bottom line. and trust, i aint even up on you like that. i dont be listenin to ya joints like that. i had found out you was a muslim from bros in the prison down here, and i started “seein” ya name connected w/ b.s. and so if i, a muslim from the down south who dont know you from a can a paint, could see it…….dont ya think ya “mans” could? now way would i have put my brerad on the line, knowin that more than likely, you gon mess up.

    i mean check, see leslie (yall call him freeway), for example. i found out he was muslim from the same cats, and i started seein his name as well……..just not connected to no b.s. now check again, if the shoe was on leslie’s foot, i think jay woulda got him out. why? cause he aint got no tendencies!!!

    another thing you need to realise…….idk about noone else, put i see jay moving from one plane to another. he went from gangsta rocafella… not gangsta roc nation. the boy been tryin to fly right ever since he realised his money makin potential. after he stabbed un, did anyone see him checkin for b.s.? no. why? b/c he aint wanna mess up his present bread and the loaves he was tryin to bake the next day. he make his dough, let it rise and made bread out of it, and made more dough for the loaves he wanted to cook the day after that. ya heard?

    you aint do dat. you was the cat getin him the flour for the dough……but you started gettin the wrong kind of flour. he needed bread flour….you started bringing corn meal. you messin up his dough, and he cant make no real bread if the flour aint right b/c the dough aint gon rise. ya smell me? do you really?

    the boy done move on to another type of dough and you still bringing corn meal. add bey to the mix, that boy is makin some international type dough, bakin world bread. you still makin box jiffy. say word? word.
    so thats where hes at w/ his. where are you w/ yours?

    nevermind that, where are you at w/ the Big Boss? the Lord of Mankind? obviously, if you aint flyin straight with Allah, how can you fly straight w/ anyone else? if Allah ORDERING you to do “xyz,” and you aint doin it, how can a man excpect you do what hes only ASKING you?

    again bro., turn back to Allah, get ya mind right, fly straight…….and good things and true ppl w/ come your way. but as long as you chasin paper and street respect and brotherhood based on b.s……….then you should know that none of those dont: 1. last., and 2. go with you to the grave.

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  8. Max Profit Says:

    It’s sad a lot of the richest dudes in the game do the foulest things to stay on top! Can real niggas win nowadays?

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