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Video: Nah Right & OnSMASH Better Recognize Showcase Pt. 1 (Emilio Rojas, Stalley & Outasight)

Alright, here we go. Here goes the Official footage from the Nah Right x OnSMASH Better Recognize Showcase at B.B. Kings last Wednesday night. I’m just gonna break it down into a few posts since it’s alot of content. Above we have the homie Emilio Rojas doing his thing. Big thanks to him for coming out and helping to get shit popping. After the jump, check out performances by Stalley and Outasight.

Truthfully: Stalley brought out Mickey Factz during his set.

Outasight is from Yonkers and he hit the stage first, so you could really say that the night began with Yonkers and ended with Yonkers.

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6 Responses to “Video: Nah Right & OnSMASH Better Recognize Showcase Pt. 1 (Emilio Rojas, Stalley & Outasight)”

  1. Wolverine Says:

    Eskay and/or Dre,
    Have you ever typed out something that took a very long time? Like, you have all of the words spelled correctly and the grammar is super coherent and everything and then all of a sudden your internet freezes? Well, that’s pretty much what just happened to me. I am now going to attempt to recreate the novel of a comment that was deleted a few minutes ago after having to force quit safari. I said something like:

    Dear Eskay and/or Dre,
    The reason why I am writing this message is because I was wondering if I could premiere a song of mine on Nahright. Now, I am well aware that the word “premiere” is usually used in the context of something or someone important and I know that as of right now I am, well, not exactly important in the realm of hip hop, however, I truly believe that this single song will be effective in the sense that logical human beings may enjoy the record.
    Though I have recorded hundreds of songs over the last 11 years in which I have been rapping, only one of them has been featured on your blog, specifically, Holographic Double. For this I am and will forever be grateful. I owe it to you guys that Big Sean actually knew who I was when I met him out here in California a week ago. This type of recognition plays an essential part in why I continue to strive for audio excellence and I think that this one song meets the standards of greatness, that is, the standards in which I imagine which may be lower than those of others.

    With that being said, the name of the song is Dark Wing Double.

    Here is a kinda cool picture of me..? I haven’t done any cool photo shoots and stuff with my arms folded and frowning at the camera or anything yet…


    Here is the ‘previously’ link from when Holographic Double was posted:

    and here…here is the song.
    I put the word ‘here’ followed by …. and then repeated the word ‘here’ as a means to, you know, show how important this song is and stuff…idk.

    Dark Wing Double

    I very much so appreciate your consideration of this proposal. I know that you guys don’t exactly benefit from posting stuff like this but I can guarantee that I will forever be grateful and won’t up and forget your acts of kindness if for some reason I were to be granted with some type of power or revenue or gifts or whatever that I could then use to show thanks. Real Deal.




  2. Wolverine Says:

    this is my second attempt in posting that comment. i saved that mess and copy/pasted it. i’ve only posted it twice because I am not trying to spam.

  3. Wolverine Says:

    and smh – i didn’t watch the videos.

  4. GLITCH Says:

    can’t wait for the recap of the oj the jooman / wocka flocka situation

  5. neekz23 Says:

    lol they aint show OJ gettin boo’d off.
    But man, that 2 hr wait (even though had some friends wait in line for me while I got something to eat) was all worth it. Hands down, Jada and Styles brought the house down. Glad they all got together to put a great show, hip hop needs to do this more often.

  6. zman Says:

    Lupe KILLED that Timbaland beat

    fuck DRAKE

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