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Video: Freddie Gibbs – Boxframe Cadillac (Live in Studio)

Another in studio performance from Freddie courtesy of yourtru.ly.

You’ll also want to check out this “interview” they put together using Gibbs lyrics as responses. Clever.(c) NR comments.

Previously: Freddie Gibbs – Murda On My Mind (Live in Studio)

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6 Responses to “Video: Freddie Gibbs – Boxframe Cadillac (Live in Studio)”

  1. Al Poelvordino Says:




  2. D_Block_4_Life aka heat the track up Like Adobo/Sazon/SOFRITO Says:


  3. Rey Says:

    LOL @ the track list to one of soulja boy’s mixtapes:

    Track 3- “I Look Good”
    Track 8- “Gettin’ Money”
    Track 9- “So Cocky Wit It”
    Track 10- “Been Had Swag”
    Track 11- “Swag Flu” (note– Shaq Fu > Swag Flu)
    Track 12- “Soulja Boy!!”
    Track 16- “Smokin’ Dat Piff” (note– Obviously)
    Track 17- “I’m All That”

    Clearly, Soulja Boy (what’s this fool’s real name?) is broadening his horizons. (track listing courtesy of Rap Radar)

  4. archibald Says:

    seen it a million times and still can’t stop watchin

  5. Rey Says:

    I mean, seriously, those titles are pathetic. You shouldn’t be able to know EXACTLY what the song is by the title.

    And the south continues losing.

  6. Rey Says:

    *what the song is gonna be about

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