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Video: Curtis on Power98 Morning Show Pts. 4,5,6

Here are the last 3 parts of BooBoo’s trip to Power98 in Charlotte.

50 Cent talks about his thought process/collaborators on his new album, lip gloss, and takes phone calls from listeners…plus our 50 Cent posters start droppin’ and Diddy’s key to success.

So the word is out: eskay says BISD doesn’t suck.

50 Cent talks about why he was so hard on Young Buck, never really knowing The Game, and developing/assessing new artists. Charlotte’s #1 For Blazin’ Hip-Hop and R&B! www.power98fm.com 10/28/09

On our last installment, 50 Cent talks about what he’s reading, boxing/Floyd, his son being “held hostage,” women having “boxes,” and dating Vivica A. Fox!

Previously: Curtis ft. Eminem – Psycho

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15 Responses to “Video: Curtis on Power98 Morning Show Pts. 4,5,6”

  1. why? Says:

    This dude is better than Curtis – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mWW6kRITEY

  2. a tribe called quest Says:

    *Aggressive comments*

  3. Playa Made Says:

    if 50 would have dropped BISD after GRODT he would be CRITICS would consider him closer to GOAT status

  4. Harlem World Says:

    *Comments in perspective of rey*

    “Fif looks better in a g-unit smedium tee. Dont know about his music tho”

  5. Black Brokaw Says:

    If you woud’ve given me props instead of shots I would’ve name dropped. But i only wish to further your misery, so I’m not telling you shit.

  6. Chris Cash Says:

    If someone could send that BISD to my inbox I would highly appriciated.


  7. jackspade Says:

    like you can not deny it….this is the best album from dude…i say its better that grodt imo…

  8. jackspade Says:


  9. rdawodu Says:

    His interviews are always interesting. He has good people skills.

  10. - keka - Says:

    i know i havent been posting latley but… i saw ” eskay says BISD doesn’t suck” (and we know how he hates on 50!)

  11. - keka - Says:

    i know i havent been posting latley but… i saw ” eskay says BISD doesn’t suck” (and we know how he hates on 50!)

  12. mak Says:

    50 rolling round in a volvo lol

  13. The White Man Says:

    did interscope finally get to Eskay…?

  14. 456 Says:

    456 wuz here

  15. Cal Says:

    I’m a full on Em stan and have had issues with Fif but lately with all this Jay and Benie business I’m looking back and seeing how this nigga was loyal as fuck and never fucked over anyone who didn’t deserve it!

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