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Goodie Mob x Ice Cube x Chuck D x Dr. Dre x Young Jeezy x Jay-Z (2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards)

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Young Jeezy & Jay-Z opened the show with “As Real As It Gets.”

Chuck D & Young Jeezy presented Ice Cube with a “I Am Hip-Hop” award, after a montage piece narrated by Dr. Dre.

And Goodie Mob closed out the show with “Cell Therapy.”

More choice clips after the jump.

Earlier: Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought – BET Cypher #3

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6 Responses to “Goodie Mob x Ice Cube x Chuck D x Dr. Dre x Young Jeezy x Jay-Z (2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards)”

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  2. J Dela Says:

    Relapse 2 > LEAVE JOEY ALONE!!! > Black Ed McMahon > She-Weezy > Mr. Fat Booty (none) > CoolUncle-ONE > the nice looking young man who won the internet contest > Buckshot > Snoop Jr. > the dude buck said he bought his jewelry from > Mark Ronson’s Regret

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  5. Marcus Says:

    Besides the cipher wit em and Mos this show was HORRIBLE. The performances by souja boy, gucci man, n plies were the worst i have ever seen. Sounded like ish lookd like ish and seemed more like a video shoot and promo for the record labels than a awards show. Hip Hop awards my A#%………

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