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Video: Young Money x Cash Money in NYC

After their Europe trip.

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5 Responses to “Video: Young Money x Cash Money in NYC”

  1. Rockabye Says:

    Yeah, daps to Camelot for that hookup.

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    He shoulda kept Outta Control (Remix) too instead of wasting it on Mobb Deep.

    I copped the special edition of The Massacre just for that song.

    ^^Co-signal. The production on that joint was crazy. Unfortunately Prodigy’s rhyming on it was bollocks.

  3. Premier Says:

    Shoutout to Camelot for the hookup

  4. lea Says:

    Love how the ladies in the background are not distracted they prolly got more money than Baby. did anyone notice that, not to mention the embarassment of looking at how he does not lower his tone of cursing and carrying on. nice video tho, but who really wants to see a day in the life of Baby with no Wayne!

  5. xavir Says:

    great video

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