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Abdul Jabbar vs. Mugsy Malone[sic] you
I don’t know what that means
but you know what I mean when I told you

I smack planes off a building, I’m a fucking ape
my last LP, I wore a fucking cape
your last LP, you wore a fucking…wait
it never dropped, you was never hot
me and Rock ready, but they ain’t ready Rock

Sean do it stupid, the kuf or the conduit
cut a cop ear off he bleed when he Bluetoothin’

fuck the colorful tight shit
Meshell Ndegeocello, hello, loveable dyke shit

I smoke a doobie with the Rascals
hardcore boom, no room for Lupe Fiascos
don’t rhyme for robots, rap for mo’ guap
my stock rising, so I ride with the 4 cocked

And a bonus from Rock:

Fuck all that top 5 MC shit bitch
I’m the best MC that empty clips

Cop that. Do it now.

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17 Responses to “#KimboPriceQuotables”

  1. a tribe called quest Says:


  2. Darth Cipher Says:


  3. khal Says:

    this mixtape is so serious

  4. Al Poelvordino Says:


  5. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:


  6. Sir Charles Says:

    Yea, hop his dick guys! Saigon > P @ rapping & fighting. P < Exile @ fighting.

  7. Sir Charles Says:

    Sai’s quotables would’ve been the lyrics to every song on warning shots 2, for some pussy, for some pussy remix, and cookies and some milk included fucktards, c’mon now.

  8. Nah Right » Video: Sean Price Is Right… Says:

    […] Previously: #KimboPriceQuotables […]

  9. What Says:


  10. NYHC81 Says:

    that whole mixtape is quotable. for reals.

  11. joshton peas Says:

    i think he said “muggsy bogues”

  12. joshton peas Says:

    and i haven’t even listened to the song.

    who the fuck is “mugsy malone”?

  13. Prophecy_projectz Says:

    The Lupe diss was unnecessary….son his nice even. Come on P

  14. R@m0 Says:

    The Kimbo Price album is nice. P goes in on them songs.

  15. Yooj‽ Says:

    Yo eskay, you are the Supreme Overnerdian ….

    …and I resepct that… even if your just a “mainstream blogger” (c) Noz …haha

  16. verseuno Says:

    SEAN P!

  17. Marinko Says:

    where is a nice place to cop it online, since the duckdown store is sold out what?!

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