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Video: Horse Shoe Gang – Run This Town

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9 Responses to “Video: Horse Shoe Gang – Run This Town”

  1. spirit equality Says:

    um, that’s a TI video. please edit your link.

  2. The Killer Says:

    These dudes ain’t wu-tang or roc-a-fella as far as groups go, but their close…..

  3. The Killer Says:

    Crooked I is criminally slept on…….walk witt me

  4. 216 madubbl Says:

    ….are u tryin to say these guys will be as good as psc??

  5. 216 madubbl Says:

    okay, u fixed it. these guys still suck ass. imma hater towards rap groups put out by “known” artist like stlunitics, psc, cob, reup gang, cassidy’s gang. the only one that was good was state property. shit like this make wish i knew some one famous to give me a shot cuz this shit right here??

  6. JR Says:

    they copied wayne the first guy said
    “we made it a hot song, they made it a hot line”
    Wayne said in This Aint The Remix “you made it a hot song i made it hot line”

  7. Hmm... Says:

    these guys just might to be on to something

  8. spirit equality Says:

    glad that got edited

    young dro musta hacked into the site. LOL.

  9. Nah Right » Horse Shoe Gang ft. Crooked I - You Don’t Wanna Fuck With Me Says:

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