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Jamie Foxx Exposes Plies

Foxx talks about a video shoot where he had to calm down 30 “real n*ggas”, while Algernod was hiding in the bathroom.

This isn’t his first incident involving a video shoot either.


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23 Responses to “Jamie Foxx Exposes Plies”

  1. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    hahahaha real goon? real poon

  2. Premier Says:

    Wtf is a Plies?

  3. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    Plies is a known Wanksta…A total FRAUD!

  4. Fixda Says:

    Always knew this lil dude’s a bitch

  5. Mouf Milly Says:

    This shit is old news. I’m from the 239 area….and there’s never anything GOOD said about Plies…ever.

  6. Harlem World Says:


  7. Joe 88 Says:

    Isnt this the same nigga that got snuffed by Mr Smith? Fail

  8. Eighty's Baby Says:

    Algernod is not having a good 2 months he? lol

    Jamie is a fuckin fool, but he made many valid points.

    “Then I shook 30 hands”


  9. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    Officer Ricky > Plies
    Which isn’t saying much!

  10. paychexx Says:

    i told niggas that this nigga playin goon, and these lil kids believe this shit…jamie is right the south wanna see if you what you talkin bout, just ask boosie, webbie, master p, baby any southern artists….

    message to kids: it just entertainment!!!!

    fuck plies for frontin, nigga be the college boy you are…

  11. GWL14 Says:

    Yeah, okay I’m sure all of you net warriors would have stayed around when 30 dudes are on your set lookin to get you. Shut the fuck up.

  12. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Never trust a ninja that says his real, mostly likely he is not

    *Is disgusted by Algernod*
    *Turns up Who’s Hotter Than Me anyways*

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  14. A-Game Says:

    When ppl proclaim that they are real that’s when you actually gotta question it. Real niggas don’t have to say shit.

  15. allahbornsgod m allah aka keep it baggy not faggy Says:

    Peace,ifu can get ppl to believe a bunny lays eggs ,you got them.
    If u can get ppl to believe that a man rides around in a sled and comes down you’re chimmney and brings u gift,u got em.
    If u can get ppl to celebrate gools and goblins and death then u got em.
    If can make pple think u gangster when u ain’t then u got em.
    If u can make a ppl believe columbus discovered america u got em.
    B.u.t the biggest on is if u can get ppl to believe that a dead man(jesus)is coming back to life then u really got em.
    Y’all niggas need to wake up and do the knowledge to the fact that the blackman is god and the fact that the whiteman is devil.
    Ya cee the devil got y’all concentrating on some bullshit why he is wipin us off the planet dailly.
    Y’all think shit is a joke.
    Gods and earths this shit is real like holyfield. I mean its cool to do the knowledge to this to a certain extent b.u.t wake youreself up and build about real shit also.

    I know there is some fool is gonna say”this ain’t the place for that”. You in particular with that mindset is the one I really wanna reach.

    Peace from god.

    P.s ppl on here prayed to me today,called my name in vain ,etc………..
    Y’all don’t even know that the god u think is in the sky somewhere is right on nahright. Go figure.

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  17. ceaser paciotti Says:

    came here with the specific purpose to mock Christ eh? devil working overtime in these last days I see. Good day to you sir, enjoy your blissful ignorance inspired by a desire to not take responsibility for your sinful behavior. bye bye

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  19. P.Pann Says:

    40glokk Just Wants His 15min Of Fame. No Real Killas Get On Youtube To Say They Gone Hit Someone. PS Plies Writes About His Brother’s Life Just Like 2pak Wrote About His Peoples Situations. Yall Kan Hate And Say This Nigga Is Fake And So Is That Nigga But How Big Is You’re Bank Akkount. Every Nigga Turned Rapper Had An Okkupation Before They Blew Up. All Killas Are Doin They Bids Right Now And Thats Real Talk.

  20. de la Says:

    ha awesome post

  21. Gwana pekin Says:

    Yo, that shit is too funny. I always knew the boi was a fraud,

    Look..I believe the easiest thing to do in life, is be true to yourself. That’s it. And people will respect you for that. Let this be a lesson to u kids out there.

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