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Video: QD3’s “Lil Wayne: The Carter Doc” (Teaser #1)

Teaser clip of the long delayed documentary (see: Lil Wayne sues QD3 to block release; Lil Wayne loses.)

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4 Responses to “Video: QD3’s “Lil Wayne: The Carter Doc” (Teaser #1)”

  1. PG-DC Says:


  2. NepsOne Says:

    I saw the doc at sundance and its a good film. Well..if your a wayne fan ..you will def appreciate how he stays making tunes. Also good insight on the foam cup…the dude stays with the cup on the hand.

  3. steffen Says:

    Why can I not get a release date?

  4. JohnBlack Says:

    With the amount of fans he’s got and of course the fact that he will be spending considerable time in the pokey, this docu will probably sell like hot cakes.

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