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Video: Birdman Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 2

Previously: Birdman Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 1

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11 Responses to “Video: Birdman Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 2”

  1. Rey Says:

    *crowd boos*

  2. Lounge of Rey Says:

    *crowd boos louder*

  3. skilla Says:


    ^passages from the Koran were found on baby skin.

  4. Rey Says:


    *crowd boos first*

  5. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  6. Rey Says:


  7. TheCo!!inB Says:

    *mannie fresh “WTF is he sayin” face*

  8. Booster Says:

    Wale is nigerian. Them niggas is killers word to Lagos.

    man dat nigga never fucking been to nigeria. i am born and raised in West Africa. group home and all. I dunno bout wale in pg either because i sold ounces to niggas out there and they aint rocking with homey like dat. South east DC Topp Dogg crips either. im talking real shooters. infra red, cyrus Topp Dogg!!! ask Walebout Luciano…LOL… hes out nigga u know wat time it is. Pow Pow Pow!!

  9. NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    why do people interview birdshit?…is wayne too high to talk so birdshit becomes his mouth-piece

  10. The Truth... Says:

    >>no one ever says that about alchemist or beastie boys

    ^Alchemist been around for a long minute…plus, paid dues, etc….completely different situation from what Mega is saying. Smarten up.

  11. sleep Says:

    *daps all the black people

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