Video: RANSOM x adidas Originals ’09

I’ve been looking forward to these since the first sneak peaks we got.

Introducing Season ONE: Ransom Footwear by adidas Originals. Footwear crafted to withstand a rugged lifestyle and made for individuals continuously searching for a life well-led and a good story to tell. Available world wide October 31st.

Directed by Warren Credo. Peep a short film he edited after the jump.

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It’s still fuck adidas but definitely shout out to Matt George. He took down his Twitter but you can still peep this and other shots of the making of the boots on his since deceased Twitpic account.

Written and directed by Ayanie Naseem.

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7 Responses to “Video: RANSOM x adidas Originals ’09”

  1. CHICAGOrilla Says:

    Ayo Nation why is it still FUX adidas? I think y’all blowing an incident at one store w/ one employee where the manager is no longer employed (not sure if it’s because of this situation or not) out of proportion and blasting off to your entire audience (that’s your prerogative and one of the reasons I love the power of the internet)? But still this is Yes I do work for the brand. Yes I have talked to Dallas outside of comments and posts. No I am not a corporate employee (I work the adidas retail store here in ATLANTA). No this is not an official response from the powers that be at adidas. *Please reference my response to Dalllas on the ALL DAY I DREAM ABOUT SNITCHES post* Hopefully he can get at someone at corporate or that retail location and get it squared away.

    adidas is the same company that sponsored Jesse Owens in the 1936 in BERLIN during a time when that was not the most popular thing to do. A German company endorsing a black athlete? This is a company that has supported hip hop in awarding RUN DMC a million dollar contract endorsement deal and we saying “FUX ADIDAS”? Word? NOW LET ME SAY OFF TOP BABY WAS DEAD WRONG IN HOW SHE HANDLED THE SITUATION! My manager saw the video and spazzed out because we do not handle people like that here at our location. Customers for us are like house guests. Furthermore her response definitely was not consistent with policy & procedure. But did my man Dallas ask baby for her name and/ or contact info? Did he reach out to corporate to no avail? I doubt it. The first time anyone affiliated with adidas is hearing about this incident is probably when this video got posted and trust me no one at corporate has seen this yet because they would have responded swiftly.

    Let’s not playlike adidas disrespects the culture and is the sum of all things evil because of one employee. Truthfully if you have a complaint as a customer then go about it the right way and follow the proper channels to get it resolved. My man propably would’ve gotten a amicable resolution by now

  2. Baby-son Says:

    What is this?
    There is nothing interesting or unique about it. It is a video “drop” – just as lifeless and boring as the relentless drops that pile up on hypebeast everyday (im sure it lives there too). I am a little confused as to why the writer of this post, “nation,” is so enthusiastic about it.

    – “Made for individuals in constant motion” – this is some board room speak. It doesn’t sound good in the real world.
    – Dj shadow or whoever is featured on the soundtrack is only 7 years out of style. Throw something relevant on it (think: zaytoven)
    – I dont know who this director is but he didnt inspire me in any way. totally lacking imagination. Bunch of people walking around – no personality or style to the presentation.
    – the shoes are ugly and look like timberlands
    – the outdoor/urban fusion angle is so tired. ACG has been doing this for over a decade along with countless other brands. If you want to join the fold introduce some differentiation.

    We are in knee deep in a dark and sinister recession. Brands, if you want us to be inclined to spend money on your shitty products you have to speak in our language. You have to inspire us in some way. We’re too broke, and disillusioned to care about what “made for individuals in constant motion” is supposed to mean. Lastly, this isn’t 2006 and i dont want a pair of faggy baby blue, y-3 looking high tops. Didn’t you see jay-z on the cover of XXL?

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  4. Anonymous Says:

    Baby-son shut up its juss clothes this is a promo and a big deal for the compnay if u dont want the shoe go buy al harringtons prrotege and leave the people who know how to dress alone

  5. Hymn Says:

    Is this the Ransom line Drake is associated with?

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