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Video: Cookin Soul DJ’s Live @ Bandalai – Sevilla 14.10.2009

Booking Cookin Soul: bookcookinsoul@gmail.com.

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10 Responses to “Video: Cookin Soul DJ’s Live @ Bandalai – Sevilla 14.10.2009”

  1. chea Says:

    hi haters

  2. Officer Duscrom Says:


  3. Duro Says:


  4. "A" Chick _ I'll Never B done I'm so Rare Says:

    I think Drake Season is about to start back up…..i need a TML babytee.

  5. Duro Says:

    ND keeps coming back

  6. No_neva-eva Says:

    using a drill to self-operate on a toothache> soft canadian rapper in a wheelchair

  7. Jz Says:

    Duro Says:

    October 17th, 2009 at 6:03 pm
    when i bud i cant even listen to music. I get to the point where im like what the fuck is dude saying. The last great rapper to come out was Kanye. He stayed true until graduation. With all the recent shit that’s been going on i think his next album is gonna be dope. He stays shittin on the industry.


    True, Kanye was the last great artist in my book.

    Can’t co-sign the graduation statement though

    Graduation >>>> C3, BP3, Relapse, etc….

  8. 40 Inc Says:

    too much dexter

  9. "A" Chick Le Fleur - U Can Thank Me Later Says:

    Wonder if I’m da best, well I’m no black eye peas”

  10. upset the setup Says:

    bamma looks like he playing dj hero

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