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T-Pain & Lil Wayne – I Can’t Believe It (T-Wayne Version)


Lil Wayne has a new verse and some new adlibs. Courtesy of TS.

T-Pain & Lil Wayne – I Can’t Believe It (New Version)

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13 Responses to “T-Pain & Lil Wayne – I Can’t Believe It (T-Wayne Version)”

  1. B.Payton Says:

    Jay deaded that whole project lol

  2. Mag Says:


  3. aj Says:

    fuck jay z the south run it bitch

  4. mrak Says:

    ^^^ LOL. Oh, the South. You guys are cute.

  5. Tenacious The Tablist Says:

    aj Says:
    October 17th, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    fuck jay z the south run it bitch


    Someone needs to check himself/herself at the door… Real Hip Hop is Real Hip Hop regardless if it comes from North/East/South/ or West… There are just as many garbage rappers in the South as there is in the North… So who cares what region it comes from if it is hot support it and stop making dumb bias comments cause it wasn’t made on your block…

  6. rocstar Says:

    these guys are homos

  7. LilWayneHQ Says:


  8. Rap Radar :: New Music: T-Wayne “Can’t Believe It (Remix)” Says:

    […] NR via […]

  9. Jewtino Says:

    For Fucks Sake DeWayne, put your tongue back in your mouth, you ain’t Gene Simmons.

  10. CassavaLeaf Says:


    Hell does that mean?

  11. K Says:


  12. autotune...why???! Says:


  13. Jewtino Says:

    A Latino (Colombian to be specific) who is also a practicing Jew, is it that hard to figure out?

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