Gucci Mane’s Cold War Series


Call me crazy, but I think this is kinda ridiculous. Either way, Gucci flooded the streets at 10:17 on 10/17 (1017 Brick Squad.) Burr.

Hit the jump for the track lists + download links + 2 other covers.

BONUS: Explains why those two Drake features leaked this morning:

Gucci Mane feat. Drake & Sean Garrett – In My Business

Gucci Mane feat. Drake & Killer Mike – Street Cred (prod. Timbaland)

Both completed off the tapes below, including DJ screams and all.

01. #6
02. Street Cred feat. Dj Drama, Drake, Killer Mike
03. Diamonds
04. Follow Me feat. Drumma Boi
05. Throw Money feat. Sean Garrett
06. Guccimerica
07. In My Business feat. Drake, Sean Garrett
08. Gucci Bitch feat. Kandi
09. 09 Bachelor Pad
10. Boiy
11. Outro
12. Dangers Not a Stranger

Download: DJ Drama Presents Gucci Mane – Guccimerica


01. Gucci Talk
02. Good Money
03. Break Ya Self
04. Gucci Talk P.S.A.
05. Ha Ha Ha
06. Party Animal feat. Snoop Dogg
07. I Am Legend
08. Diamonds
09. Gucci Talk
10. Foreign
11. Euphoria feat. Wacka Flocka Flame & Rocko
12. Street Cred
13. Gucci Talk Outro

Download: DJ Holiday Presents Gucci Mane – Brrrussia


01. Great BRRRitain Intro
02. Im Expecting feat. Juvenile
03. N.E.R.D
04. The Other Day feat. Jim Jones
05. Outta Me
06. Burner
07. I Be Everywhere
08. Hush Ya Mouth
09. Greeat BRRRitain Outro
10. Timothy

Download: DJ Scream Presents Gucci Mane – Great Brrritain

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308 Responses to “Gucci Mane’s Cold War Series”

  1. Slim Says:

    “I just breezed thru that new mega while uploading it to my itunes account and boy do that shit sound classic already, just the production alone on this one is by far the best of all of his albums.”

    Co-sign to the fullest. This album is pure crack. Burrr.

  2. Bj Says:

    Pick a side: the gucci haters are all internet word-nerds……. get in where you fit in.

    Gucci’s ‘message’, to me anyway, is all about defiance, rebellion, success in the face of adversity, and getting so caught up in your own creative ability you have half the goddamn planet following and fiending for any goddamn word that comes out of your mouth.

    & he’s fucking hilarious.

    & theres something about the integrity of staying true to where you came from and how you grew up…

    whatever it is,

    The Best Rapper Alive.

    (what did Biggie put out anyway, like 3 albums?? Gucci’s nearly made more music now than the fucking Beatles. only rapper worth listening to in the last five years. fuck off)

  3. Bj Says:

    & that new ‘Mega’s gonna be fucking dope too

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    […] Despite all the MTV B.S. surrounding Gucci Mane.  Gucci Mane is the hottest in da hood.  BrrRussia IMO is the best mixtape out of the Cold War Series […]

  5. DSP720 Says:

    Next tape: Starbucks, the Burrrista


  6. S_CeeZ Says:



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    […] No” [mp3] Speaking of Radric… man, I haven’t even cracked his most recent mixtape trilogy, I JUST made it through the Burrprint. This one was tacked near the end but is a keeper. […]

  8. Alex Says:

    anyone know where i can find a version of street cred without annoying ass dj drama yelling all over it

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