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Young Buck – Pushin’ Dope


Young Buck – Pushin’ Dope (prod. Blacxcat)

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6 Responses to “Young Buck – Pushin’ Dope”

  1. Download: Young Buck – Pushin’ Dope « A Shot of Incilin Says:

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  2. Summaz Says:

    Sounds like a good intro or outro track, but it’s kind of much for a regular track, no? Can’t knock the creativity tho.

  3. k-rob Says:

    wow, no comments for buck.shame i had to out of share sympathy. did this guy ja rule himself or what. he already cried to 50 and then came back with the Bs so no sense in apologizin again he was “confused”.where are the niggas who was saying he should leave g-unit and he is the best and how 50 was holding him back. i aint aint no ground breaking shit from dude since he left and he slowly get more broke

  4. sb Says:

    haha. k-roc you obviously don’t listen to Buck. “no ground breaking shit” ??? clearly you just talk without listening to his music. or you just favor artist like gucci or wayne. and in that case i just feel sorry for you. kill yourself. buck is one of the truest doods left.

  5. top ramen shotta Says:

    this shit damn near gave me a migraine. they really fucked off a classic sample.

  6. 300reasonsY Says:

    Buck career ended afta he started bitchin’. He can’t even flow or deliver a I’ll verse. This niga bout da size of prodigy frm. Mobb deep and he talkn tht pushn dope? Shyt W/o lyrics all samples

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