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Video: Birdman Backstage w/ Tim Westwood Pt. 1

Previously: Video: Lil Wayne Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 5

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12 Responses to “Video: Birdman Backstage w/ Tim Westwood Pt. 1”

  1. landLORD Says:

    NovemberEnd aka What Do You Mean Teenager What Age Are We Talking About Says:

    October 16th, 2009 at 7:46 pm
    too many people picking the Yankees to win this series…i’m nervous


    *daps NoEnd & EF Loco*

    im nervous too, but only because the Angels lineup is as ferocious as the Yankees is … and faster around the bases…. Yankees better hope their pitching is sharp… they HAVE to win these first 2 at home …

  2. el feces loco Says:

    Angels bullpen was built for Yankee late inning heroics..I’m not worried, shouln’dt be worried…don’t be worried(c) I’m smoking weed right now i forgot

  3. landLORD Says:

    strike one… strike 2…..

  4. el feces loco Says:


    CAl Ripken jr + Steve Wilkos

    I was like what the fuck is steve doing talking baseball with Eckersly and Wells an em?

  5. The Shot Clock aka Nahdebayor Says:

    *daps land, feces, etc*

    whats crackin

  6. landLORD Says:

    these niggas is wearing hoodies and ear muffs under their caps… damn, is it that cold?…

  7. landLORD Says:

    whaddup S dot Clock …

  8. landLORD Says:

    Torii Hunter is mad underrated as a ballplayer …

  9. LilWayneHQ Says:

    Too many tats man

  10. KillerHipHop Says:

    Look forward to see who else will be on Cash Money UK. Baby is the BOASSS!

  11. hilkoodotcom Says:

    Seems pretty smart considering all he can manage to rhyme is Ceiling and Bitches

  12. Nah Right » Video: Birdman Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 2 Says:

    […] Previously: Birdman Backstage w/ Westwood Pt. 1 […]

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