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Video: Cipher Etiquette w/ Slaughterhouse

The quartet talk to GIANT about the art of the cipher.

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6 Responses to “Video: Cipher Etiquette w/ Slaughterhouse”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:

    SH should drop a mixtape

  2. jimmy valentime Says:

    ::loves to cipher::

    But most rappers are scared to freestyle…

    I was on a digital dynasty mixtape. In june the one with ransom on the cover …

  3. The Shot Clock aka Nahdebayor Says:

    I need those mexican blanket Vans ASAP. them shits are tough.

  4. Mr. trapstar trap bars all trap everything Says:

    niggas still cipher rhyme? lolol.

    “I heard some niggas say they live for the underground,they’ll die for the underground but aint makin no moneeeeey. stupid.”(c) trugoy dove

  5. jimmy valentime Says:

    Dj khaled sounds like the end of the movie.

    When you tell the girl you love her.. An they play maroon 5…an it starts raining

    A man has never loved a breakfast sandwhich as much as he does

    I heard khaled and mcdonalds are staring in a remake of titanic

  6. DADDY GREEN Says:

    slaughterhouse kept it 100 wit that cypher shit. Niggas nowadayz dont even know how to freestyle off the head, they just quote a verse that might impress the crowd. Plus the game is so wack that the fans are payin more attention to your clothes and outfit or “swagger” than they are to the actual words comin out of your mouth. Real mc’s and real hip hop heads aint even halfway fooled by the jewlrey and diamonds tho, we still wide awake ya heard

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