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Video: Juvenile…The Early Years

Juvie speaks on the early days with the Hot Boys. I remember buying 400 Degreez and dudes on my block looking at me like I had 3 heads.

Juvie’s Cockey & Confident drops November 17th on KOCH/E1.

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9 Responses to “Video: Juvenile…The Early Years”

  1. landLORD Says:

    this nigga is a one hit wonder

  2. Charles Oakley Says:

    400 degreez was a very good album

  3. I wanna see a Joe88 song on Nahright.com Says:

    I’m better than the best, batter on the breast, fry it in the fryer, im a bout to get higher – Broadway Joe

  4. Charles Oakley Says:

    you got a lot of girbaud jeans ha
    some of ya patnas dope fiends ha

  5. Rey Says:

    *mumble-mumble* HA!

    *repeats 200 times*

    *gets Jay-Z on remix*

  6. Rey Says:

    Actually… The “Run Forrest, Run Forrest Run” bit was kinda amusing. Still, much like Brother landLORD… I’ve never been much for the southern rap overall.

  7. kedordu Says:

    mannie fresh is the sole person responsible for the sound of hiphop today .. yea .. all that 808 shit .. he took it there . of course after speakerbox and love below no one shoulda tried using that sound .. cause the world woulda known that anything else was not” it” .. speakerboxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. nolais504(uptown) Says:

    @ ray

    i’m sure you can accomplish what he did…….

  9. Tong Po Flo Says:

    this nigga is a one hit wonder

    ^ lies

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