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Video: Duo Live & Billionz – I Love The Dough

Duo Live pay tribute to Biggie and Jay for the 2nd single off their Malcolm & Lewis mixtape.

Previously: Duo Live ft. B-Real & Nipsey Hussle – Background Music (Video)

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24 Responses to “Video: Duo Live & Billionz – I Love The Dough”

  1. I wanna see a Joe88 song on Nahright.com Says:

    *thinking about becoming a battle rapper*

  2. Ghost Writer Says:


  3. Ghost Writer Says:

    *daps woodro*

  4. sean coonery Says:

    I have yet to see a southern artist better than Rick Ross..

    Rick Ross is fathering the styles of a lot of Souther niggas…rappers…

    Rick Ross is like a Southern Rapper that raps with a New York style…Rick Ross can put New York niggas to shame on the same track..

    Rick Ross could of easily been in the Wu or the Firm..real talk…only southern nigga that can boast that…

    TI, Luda, Wayne, Jeezy, 3 Stacks, Big Boi, Trick Daddy…are not seeing Rick Ross on the lyrical level..

    Rick Ross is a lyrical genius with a 2001 Jay-Z flow…

  5. sean coonery Says:

    Rick Ross it the southern clone of Nas, Jay-Z and Young Jeezy

    He stole the Coke flow from Young Jeezy.

    He stole the flossy, baller, player and millionaire steez from Hov. Hov was the first person to talk about Maybachs, Yachts, G4, Poppin’ Cris, etc.

    He stole the Mafia Boss lifestyle from Nas on It Was Written. Everybody remembers when Nas rapped like a Mafia Boss straight from the Good Fellas and Casino movies. Rick Ross stole that.

    Rick Ross is the truth. He makes undeniablely good music.

    I don’t give a fuck if Rick Ross was a CO making 20K a year.

    Rick Ross has impeccable beats, he has a unparallel flow, he rides all the track well and he is a very talented lyrical artist.

    Rick Ross = Nas/Jay/Jeezy combined.

  6. Rey Says:

    Yup Yup

  7. Ghost Writer Says:

    *waits for Rey freestyle over Wale’s beat*

  8. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    rapping with british accent > rapping with southern accent


    Not sure if this is shots or props

    Wretch 32 > Gucci Mane.

    I hate “bammas.” And the Ying Yang Twins if they count.
    They look like fucking black hillbillys

  9. Charles Oakley Says:

    b-ease Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 11:12 am

    Al Poelvordino Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 11:01 am
    It’s the South’s Version of Illmatic

    ^Scarface’s The Diary
    is that !

    Wow, that batshit insane foreign guy kinda hit the nail on the head with that…
    Wait i thought he typed the way he does because he was using some sort of online translator, how the hell is able to understand these songs without having a firm grasp of the language, not to mention all the references to pop culture in music…

    eskay = al p/gr3ums/seth goeko

  10. William M. Holla Says:

    SMH… these clowns. Tell your cameraman to wipe the mist off the lens. Also stop flashing your small hundred on top/singles on the bottom stack in Vegas. This is why rap is wack. 1 yaself.

  11. sean coonery Says:

    Rick Rosser….could rap circles around Cam and Fabolous…and those are New Yorks most popular and famous rap celebrities..

    Rick Ross is like a 2009 Cube…

    the Down South Nas

    the Jay-Z of flossing and balling…in the south

    Yeah 50 Cent handed him the L’s all year…but this nigga Ross rose up under the boot of 50 Cent…and still produced great music..timeless..

    we will sit hear 5 or 6 years from now…and listen to DTR..and say wow “This music is classic. This album is great. This music is timeless”

    “Ross was ahead of his time like he standing in front of his frank mueller watch”

    Ross is the truth..

    Rick Ross > Freeway

  12. D_Block_4_Life Says:

    Everytime I see boosie’s haircut, I wanna believe I’m just imagining it. But I’ll rub my eyes, and it’s still there.

  13. Charles Oakley Says:


  14. sean coonery Says:

    Step your frank mueller watch game up you fucking broke ass niggas.

    Bankers, Financers and Lawyers. But you cannot afford Frank Mueller?

  15. sean coonery Says:

    1. rick ross deeper than gap
    2. rae obcl2
    3. bp 3 by camel toe
    4. loso way by loso
    5. the last beso by muah

  16. Wale Says:

    Ghost Writer Says:

    October 12th, 2009 at 11:20 am
    *waits for Rey freestyle over Wale’s beat*

    ^I’ll eat that nigga alive…and I’m well aware of his girth

  17. booster Says:

    Rick Ross>>> 50 cent
    Rick Ross>>> Mobb Deep
    Rick Ross>>> Loso
    Rick Ross >>> Lil Wayne
    Rick Ross>>> Raekwon
    Rick Ross>>> Eminem
    Rick Ross>>> Drake

    1. Hov
    2. NAs
    3. Rick Ross

    Big and PAc *dead*

  18. sean coonery Says:

    Booster I agree.

    Wayne and TI cannot see Ricky.

    Not even Luda.

    Piggy Ross is the truth in the south.

    Nigga is a lyrical giant.

  19. Rey Says:

    # Ghost Writer Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 11:20 am

    *waits for Rey freestyle over Wale’s beat*


    *waits for someone to e-mail the friggin’ beat*

  20. Rey Says:

    # booster Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 11:27 am

    Rick Ross>>> 50 cent
    Rick Ross>>> Mobb Deep
    Rick Ross>>> Loso
    Rick Ross >>> Lil Wayne
    Rick Ross>>> Raekwon
    Rick Ross>>> Eminem
    Rick Ross>>> Drake

    1. Hov
    2. NAs
    3. Rick Ross

    Big and PAc *dead*


    Word.. The list goes like this:

    Rawse = Dylan >>> ___.

  21. TheCo!!inB Says:

    *story told to me from my best friend from Baton Rouge while there on vacation*

    Best Friend: *irons a pair of jean shorts on ironing board*
    Bamma Cousin: What are you doing?!!?
    Best Friend: Ironing my shorts, why?
    Bamma Cousin: You aint finna put no crease in em?!
    Best Friend: Hell No!
    Bamma Cousin: *goes to get lemon scented spray starch* Put this on em.
    Best Friend: You mean to tell me all ya’ll coons put creases in your denims.
    Bamma Cousin: *opens closet full of Girbaud jeans and shorts with creases* *smiles to self* *brushes high and tight Boosie fade*

  22. booster Says:

    OMG where da fuck did Raekwon come from? been out the game for 10 yrs return and want respect like its 99? get ur fat spanish cooked fried rice eatin ghetto ass outta here.

  23. Southside jun Says:


    Get Money My Geez.

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