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TF Mafia ft. Bun B – Mafia Music


The single is from TF Mafia’s “BOSSILINI” release, New York street don music in the tradition of Jay Z and Rawkwon. CD also features hit “Married to the Mob” Max B, “Everybody Knows” featuring Papoose plus appearances from DJ Kayslay and Power 105.1’s DJ Self (Prince of New York)…in stores and available on Itunes/amazon.com

TF Mafia ft. Bun B – Mafia Muzik

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5 Responses to “TF Mafia ft. Bun B – Mafia Music”

  1. COCCA88CRAZY88SINCE88 Says:


  2. Officer Duscrom Says:


  3. &What?! Says:

    Bun B works with ANYONE.

  4. Jomoses Says:

    *gets feature from Bun B*
    *doesnt rap*
    *sells Bun B verse to random rapper on campus*

  5. gM Says:

    i love Rawkwon maybe i’ll love TF Mafia too!

    didnt this mafioso shit play itself out ten years ago? thought we were done with that Godfather font on ugly album covers…

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