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Video: Guru – Lost And Found

Video for the title track off Guru’s latest album.

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9 Responses to “Video: Guru – Lost And Found”

  1. Shawamar Says:

    IMAGINE, how much better this song would hav been over a Preemo beat….Damn…

  2. Primo Says:

    What? my MC solar?! BWAHAHAHAHA! Guru’s ego has him pissing on his on legacy. Enjoy it, dude. youve earned it….

  3. Curt McGirt Says:

    solar energy>>>>super producer solar.

    Wake me when Gangstarr reunites. If EPMD can do it anybody can.

  4. skeeterbop Says:

    Yeah, kind of a weak beat. But I’m just thankful that Guru is still at it.

  5. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    Angry Old Man with deteriorating skills = Guru.

  6. KUTTA Says:

    new album is actually sponsored by botox.

  7. robert teller Says:

    sounds like the only “angry old men” are the ones leaving comments on this page. lol….get off premier’s shit & get a life losers. Great song Guru.

  8. chaka617 Says:

    Deep video son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guru is back

  9. JUDY Says:

    premiers time has come and gone. You haters are getting paid to write this shit. Get off of premos dick hes old and ugly. Guru and Solar are the shit.

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