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Video: Chuck D Interviews Busta Rhymes Backstage @ BET Hip-Hop Awards

Chuck: Who would you pull to the side and coach to be a 20 year player?
Busta: I’m a big fan of Soulja Boy dude. I love what Soulja Boy did as far as taking the initiative…

HipHopGods via RR

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10 Responses to “Video: Chuck D Interviews Busta Rhymes Backstage @ BET Hip-Hop Awards”

  1. Mr. Meen Says:

    Busta and Chuck are looking like those guys in Do The Right Thing who sit on the corner in that screenshot.

  2. Mag Says:

    Jamarcus russell is a bust

  3. jimmy valentime Says:

    Sean P! Can dance

    I am at sean price video shoot @ the brooklyn bridge

  4. jimmy valentime Says:

    Mad lo-lifes like the warriors or something

  5. Dry Says:

    Fuck busta rhymes!!!

  6. Captain French Says:

    damn these two legends look mad old in that video!
    They better keep going like Jay-z, just to show these young niggaz how to do this hiphop thing!

    hop that u’ll take a look at my design stuff on behance.

  7. steven biko Says:

    busta rhymes = cornilous

  8. elgindotcom Says:

    Fake wanna be dapper dan LV = not good

  9. real talk Says:


    R.I.P Hip Hop.

  10. BIC Says:

    what the flying fuck

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