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Video: Travel Rules: Kardinal Offishall in Asia

Kardi gives us some travel advice.

Bonus: Supastar LT ft. Kardinal Offishall & Red Cafe – I Love My City (Splash)

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18 Responses to “Video: Travel Rules: Kardinal Offishall in Asia”

  1. sean coonery Says:

    Stop Roccin Bang Bang…

    Dont wear fake shit…fake clothes are for fake people…

  2. the real truth Says:

    You Think This Guy’s Mad About Forever?

  3. Joe 88 Says:

    Free Max B!!!!!

  4. sean coonery Says:

    I see niggas in fake shoes, fake belts, fake clothes..

    you niggas stay in fake gucci and fake lv like atlantic city

    go to the store and drop your life savings and get the real shit…

    i go to the store and buy the authentic street…

    canal street swag ass niggas….swap meat stylist ass niggas…

  5. The Shot Clock aka Nahdebayor Says:

    i was just in Hong Kong Island last week….was like 3 black people in the whole place.

  6. the real truth Says:

    Stop Roccin Bang Bang…

    Dont wear fake shit…fake clothes are for fake people…

    One Thing you gotta take into account is most of these niggas shop at hood shops so what they buy there might be fake but they might not know it…Hence Sir Luscious Fake Foot

  7. sean coonery Says:


    When it comes to that high end euro designer shit…

    look at Fabolous



    and Jay-Z

    and finally Jim Jones

    all of their shit is official…they stay with that euro swag

    Jada, Cam and Gucci mane rock bang bang…stay with fake clothes/shoes/belts

  8. sean coonery Says:

    Wearing Bang Bang or Fake shit…is damn near degrading and disrespectful…

    like don’t do it to yourself…

    I remember I-Fux buying some Fake Yeezys from ebay from 215 dollars…

    dumb ass spic….fucking beaner…

    dont buy from ebay…ebay = fake city…

  9. Joe 88 Says:

    lol @ Coonery

    You heard hell rell say that “bang bang” shit on worldstar yesterday and now you saying that shit every 5 seconds

  10. Mag Says:

    What if your Rick Ross and need a xxx…xxl size fit?

  11. sean coonery Says:

    it just makes me mad for real…when i see niggas in fake louis vuitton..

    because i go to the lv stores in nyc and la..

    i drop 700 or 800 for pair of lv kicks or loafers…

    i drop 400-500 for lv belts..

    i drop 600-700 on a pair of lv sunglasses

    i drop 800 on maching ski cap beanie and scarf

    and these Canal Street swag and Swap Meat stylist ass niggas…go buy the same shit for 30-40-50 dollars…

    its offensive..

    If I see you with bang bang jewels or clothes…I fucking you up nigga…

    for real…

  12. remixznflow Says:

    and hes at it again today!

    *daps sean

    you’re as committed to your cause as ever.

  13. Mag Says:

    Does Pharrell know the gov isn’t handing out aid for school like they used to?

    Mother fuck buy American.

  14. Mag Says:

    Sean go see them nigirians and chinese in canal about your situation…

  15. Kardinal Offishall’s Travel Rules (VIDEO) | The Real Frequency Says:

    […] Swiped from NahRight. Kardi gives you his rules for travelling while on tour in Asia. […]

  16. Cityonmyback.com » VIDEO: Kardinal Offishall in Asia (Travel Rules) Says:

    […] on NR! Dope promo vid for Kardi aka Mr. International (the name of his next album). Looks like […]

  17. Loniiiann Says:

    These comments are so irrelvant, this is what yall live for, hating on the next man, well i hate the word “hating” so let’s say bashing the next man.
    *rolls eyes*
    moving on.
    That Supastar LT splash is a hit….OW!

  18. babyGirlCanada Says:

    I fux with Kardinal

    But how can you go to China and not even MENTION the civil rights, communism, atrocities, partnership with and empowering corrupt african nations, environmental disregard for evil capitalist gain?

    How could you not? Sad. Hip Hop needs to grow up.. what is this bullshit abotu a police escort.. yes but can your black ass get on nahright from China? 0_o

    But, I guess if it makes dollars…

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