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Video: Push! Montana – Loyalty Is Royalty Freestyle

Previously: Push! Montana – Grammy Family Freestyle

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23 Responses to “Video: Push! Montana – Loyalty Is Royalty Freestyle”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    *Doesn’t watch*

  2. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    Push! Montana, French Montana, Frenchie….its all too much [nh]

  3. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    Truck Truck…Truck North….North Starr….its all too much [n]

  4. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    Iceberg Slim impregnated Brenda

  5. sean coonery Says:

    God bless the ignorant!


  6. RIGZ Says:

    Jay-Z Says Michael Jackson Secretly Sang Backup on “Girls, Girls, Girls”


    I’d just like to say anyone that believes this is a fool.

    &SMH at me seeing some stan on here like “yeah, that shits common knowledge of the BP1 era”

    GTFOH wid dat bullshit lol

  7. Daily Drug Says:


  8. sean coonery Says:

    It’s like waving meat around a bunch of hungry wolves…

    niggas on here know nothing about money…

    niggas on here never took an economy or accounting class…

    excluding remix of course…

  9. Mag Says:

    Sean coonery = Michael Steele

  10. RIGZ Says:

    Iceberg lent Jay that shirt in Hawian Sophie

  11. landLORD Says:

    when Iceberg Slim cashes his paycheck he signs it “THUG- LIFE”…

  12. Ghost Writer Says:

    he’s an informant …


  13. Beezy Says:

    Mag Says:

    October 8th, 2009 at 11:19 am
    Sean coonery = Michael Steele


  14. landLORD Says:

    Iceberg Slim got the jiuce now …

  15. remixznflow Says:

    # Mag Says:
    October 8th, 2009 at 11:19 am

    Sean coonery = Michael Steele


  16. sean coonery Says:

    Only time you niggas seen money…

    is at the offerings…in church…

    Other that…you niggas are cash flow intolerant…

    you niggas and money….are like oil and water…you don’t mix…

  17. el feces loco Says:

    I’m going Xmas shopping for my NR niggas on Jamaicastores..they got some good shit here.


    cOLD’s gift


    Land’s gift


    Big Homie gift


    eskay gift


    sean coonery

  18. Ghost Writer Says:

    Iceberg Slim was the cop Investigating the Pac and Big case

  19. el feces loco Says:

    Iceberg Slim shot Cam in DC

  20. sean coonery Says:

    I talk about money on here…

    its like i’m speaking a foreign language…niggas think im speaking chinese..

    no language is foreign to me….only thing foreign about me is the vehicles…

    and the garments and fabrics…

  21. el feces loco Says:

    Iceberg Slim is really a sweaty, fat nigga(none)

  22. landLORD Says:

    word… i’d rock that black fedora with the Jamaican flag colored band in the wintertime with a black shiny leather parka … im cool like that …

  23. sean coonery Says:

    its like talking about pussy surrounded by virgins…

    it’s like talking about hetero sex with a nigga thats doing life in prison..

    it’s like talking about pork in front of a muslim…


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