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Video: Crooked I – Mr. Peter Parker Freestyle

This is what happens when you give Crooked i 15 min to write a rhyme with “Kinda like a big deal” on repeat. Next video up is Joell Ortiz exclusive freestyle drops 10/9.

Previously: Royce Da 5’9 – Mr. Peter Parker Freestyle

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10 Responses to “Video: Crooked I – Mr. Peter Parker Freestyle”

  1. Marcus Robinson Says:

    50’s gonna snap & beat the shit outta Fab’s ass..Head all up in Fat Joe’s ass nigga

  2. D. Billz Says:

    I like that Gunz song/vid but I’m not overstanding why it’s posted twice on NR.

  3. KzA Says:

    BBM 5.0 is awesome

    BB >>

  4. Joe 88 Says:

    What up Billz?

  5. - keka - Says:

    i wana see fab get in some beef!
    … i dont think ive herd any mad fab raps! he, might go in on it… ha,
    and get off the “this one’s for the radio” vibe.

  6. D. Billz Says:

    *dapz BroadwayJoe*

    Still on the iPhone. No pc still. I’m good though. Still getting adjusted to the District.

  7. Mr. Damn, He Ain't Coppin' That, Is He? Says:

    Call me Mr. Gorgeous Face Money Waist

    *daps billz*

    what’s good with u homie? long time no talk. how is shit in the DMV? i hope yall are getting a real “fall” – we went from a chilly summer skrate to winter. i remember those georgetown “back to school” days of fall – fun as hell, partying with the other schools. good times

    chicago weather FTL

  8. Ticalion Stalion Says:


  9. Binh Says:

    Crooked I beat Royce on this one.

  10. paychexx Says:

    crooked I !

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