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Mario feat. Big Sean – Before She Said Hi


Album cut from Mario’s D.N.A.

Mario feat. Big Sean – Before She Said Hi [via YK]

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7 Responses to “Mario feat. Big Sean – Before She Said Hi”

  1. Mr. First Says:

    every Little Brother release is a must-have, guy…

    What is the album of 2009 thus far? I argue Slaughterhouse.

  2. ODEMIC Says:

    thats that goooood ish…

  3. Lorin Says:

    Intro is dope; who produced this?

  4. jlb0183 Says:

    The orginal has Young Chris which I actually like

  5. backpack t Says:

    big sean>most the other new guys

  6. ed Says:

    This that go-go shit. Might be Rich Harrison on the knobs. Good look for Mario.

  7. CassavaLeaf Says:

    i remember when they were hyping up sean
    then kid cudi came and got all the attention

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