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Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony & Rob Dyrdek to Face Off in Tag Signature Series Charity Challenge


As you know, Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony and Rob Dyrdek have teamed up with Tag Body Spray to release a Signature Series of branded scents, each of which bears the name and likeness of its respective celebrity co-signer. To help kick off and promote the new line, the rapper and two athletes have announced the Tag Signature Series Charity Challenge. For the challenge, Luda, Melo and Rob have each chosen a charitable organization to represent, and each charity will receive 10% of the net sales from the sale of their respective body sprays. Whichever celeb sells the most body spray between now and the end of the contest, (November 2nd), will receive an additional $25,000 donation for their charity.

Here’s some info on the three organizations that the guys have chosen:

Ludacris will campaign on behalf of The Ludacris Foundation, an Atlanta-based organization that empowers children to take control of their own destiny; Carmelo will represent The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, a national organization dedicated to providing opportunities for underprivileged kids; and Rob will compete on behalf of The Skate Plaza Foundation, an organization that builds skate parks in developing communities.

So yeah, you can basically spend a few bucks to smell good, and do something worthwhile at the same time.

Says Luda: “The TAG Signature Series Charity Challenge is a great opportunity to help The Ludacris Foundation, so I’m excited to unite everyone in the ludaverse to take down Melo and Rob.”

Go here for more info, and to find out how to enter to win a one-on-one moment with Luda, Melo or Rob: Facebook.com/TAG

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