Video: Skyzoo Interview w/ True Stories Radio

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3 Responses to “Video: Skyzoo Interview w/ True Stories Radio”

  1. eric mangini Says:

    word, I just thought it was straight up for stuckey, I haven’t been home I was just out getting my tickets for the Yankee game tonight, yeah I don’t like that, I think the Browns probably realized they needed more after we gave them nothing for Shancez ….

    ^^ will be a cool trade though, I wish it was Clowney and not Stuck but I trust in Tannenbaum, I hope he put extra clauses and pauses in that gay nigga contract too..him and Kerry gon be tearing the village up.

    QB Sanchez
    WR Edwards
    WR Cotchery
    RB Greene

    Next year we’ll only have to draft linemen.

  2. sean coonery Says:

    Justin…FCNY is very safe…they just take long to hit people with emails and tracking numbers…

    I can go in person if you want…and demand them to e-mail them your tracking number and if they received your payment…and what is the status on your air jordan 5 red suede..

    i know everybody that works at FCNY…i know them like fam…

    I’m always in their stores…i go there everyday…

    I bought Grey/Pink Kanye Lv Jaspers in person though….

    my kicks are a g….- killa

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  3. Rey Says:

    Yes! The dream has been realized! My 100th consecutive Skyzoo post ignored!

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