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Video: A Case Of Morals (Illdoctrine)

Jay Smooth tackles Roman Polanski. Pause.

This started out as a brief mini-video and somehow turned into an endless obsessive rant about the minutiae of the Polanski case. This video has no entertainment value, unless you enjoy hearing “let’s be clear” over and over. See my blog for related links: http://www.illdoctrine.com

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22 Responses to “Video: A Case Of Morals (Illdoctrine)”

  1. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    This video has no entertainment value


    Why post it then?

  2. sean coonery Says:

    Jada and Styles are not gangsta, tough or thugs…

    jeezus khrist…you niggas listen to too much rap music..

    yes they’re lyrical giants..

    but they have had their card pulled so many times..

    by puff

    by 50

    by jay

    by trick trick

    by beanie and philly niggas

    don’t believe the lox and d-block…they not shooters or murders or crack dealers..

    like that nigga with the swollen head said “3 community college as niggas from scarsdale/westchester”

  3. Rey Says:

    LOL @ London.. Cosiggy


    # cOLD Says:
    October 7th, 2009 at 11:32 am

    but most you nah cats are tough guys who wouldnt be caught dead watching “its raining meatballs” (ayo), shedding a tear watching “note book” or even laughing or cracking a smile in public.

    shout out to the E thugs who make it a point to prove how brolic they are to a bunch of IT techs, consultants, sales agents and such.


    This. Life’s too short to show off for a bunch of dudes (nh) who you’re never gonna meet, or won’t live up to their e-reps (shouts to england represent) if you ever did meet them.

  4. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Marcus Robinson Says:

    esGay step ya fuckin blog up nigga…I can’t get Jiggy wit dis sheet!!!! I need something 2 bump in the Max. Lets get it!!!

    Co-sign 2X’s (Fuck dat nigga. pewn,pewn,pewn!!)
    I meant music nigga

  5. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:



    Dat’chu Mopreme Shakur/Mocedes/Komani/Wycked?

  6. cOLD Says:

    Doing this in your sons presence for his enjoyment = cool dad [n]

    Doing this on your own for your own enjoyment [n] = weird – hey but you do you [n]


    ^ both, so I guess I’m a lil weired, been weired though, no secret their.

    being weired > being normal

  7. Beezy Says:

    morals we off that

  8. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Jay Smooth eat a dick

  9. cOLD Says:

    Jay Smooth eat a dick

    ^ that nigga cool but cosign.

  10. Joe 88 Says:

    I just knew it was eskay that shut down the mega post

    yes i’m mad, no need to ask!

  11. LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:

    Where Iceberg at? Suge get him? [n]

  12. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Jay Smooth…You’ll never find..blumb blumb blum blum blumb..a hairline like mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. cOLD Says:

    ho hum.

  14. sean coonery Says:


    ^Shyne is basura.

    Lol @ this nigga rhyming on the phone jack…while niggas is telling him to “stay still”

    “We Just Jacked a Nigga for some m’fukking phone time“ – Tony Yayo

  15. sean coonery Says:

    Lol @ Shyne letting his pistol bust for puff.

    How you let your hammer go off to impress Diddy.

    And then he walked, and let you take the blame.

    You did 10 years.


  16. b-ease Says:

    This dude is the worst for alot of reasons. Not the least of which is how fucking late he is. Always making a vid about a topic that broke two or more weeks previous, what’s the fucking point?

  17. Rey Says:


  18. b-ease Says:

    LondonBloke: Lambeth Livin but Still Winnin Says:
    October 7th, 2009 at 11:38 am
    Where Iceberg at? Suge get him? [n]

    No shots, but Iceberg wasn’t dropping jewels that heavy. It was mainly a summary of Queens Get the Money, mixed with his own crackpot theories.

    And he straight plagerized the Nas/Noah allegory.

  19. yaboy Says:

    sean coonery Says:

    October 7th, 2009 at 11:30 am
    Why you focus your whole career dissing Nas…but never made money of your album or concentrated on your own projects…

    SMH.. mega’s first 2 album were DOPE.

  20. DIBIASE Says:

    what the hell is the dude talking about

    get back to rap…

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