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Video: All Day I Dream About Snitches

Dallas Penn explains:

During a trip to Phillytown I was assaulted and then escorted out of an adidasOriginals installation by one of their employees.

It’s not enough for adidas to make subpar shoes for Reebok, but to also try to treat me like a loser I feel like I had to make this video.

Eff you adidas for treating me like a shitbag. Burn in sneaker hell with Etonic, Brooks, Saucony, Spot-Bilt, KangaRoos and L.A. Gear

Hey adidas…

bill-dukeYou know you done fucked up right?

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58 Responses to “Video: All Day I Dream About Snitches”

  1. Rey Says:


  2. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    after the let get it video dropped, the burbs were fient out for spurs and raiders jerseys.

    Dumplin butts?

  3. Harlem World Says:

    I guess they didn’t like his Mr Solo Dolo video.

  4. Duro Says:

    # Marcus Robinson Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 4:53 pm

    Duro Says:
    yea most likely biggie would’ve been coonin’
    You need an asswhippin’ 4 that slick talk fuck nigga.
    Straight like that.



    you just mad cuz biggie would’ve done the harlem shake better than you nigga….GTFOH

  5. 613 Says:

    DP looks like Cleveland…

  6. THE-XFACTA Says:

    LMMFAO @ Bronxrap.. I can’t believe I used to write for this bum ass blog..

    “Remember the illest site on the net??? Well BronxRap.com is now http://www.Hoodhollywood.com with all the same goodness but more!….”


  7. THE-XFACTA Says:

    LMMFAO @ Bronxrap.. I can’t believe I used to write for this bum ass blog..

    “Remember the illest site on the net??? Well BronxRap.com is now Hoodhollywood.com with all the same goodness but more!….”


  8. Harlem World Says:

    Seriously tho, fuck adidas phillyltown. I fux with dallas penn. (no homo)

  9. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    fuck is wrong wit you that u gettin escorted out of an adidas store? and fuck is good gettin escorted out by an employee. its an adidas store, kid couldn’t be over 23 years old. i’ll be damned if any store employee ever puts hands on me.

  10. Duro Says:

    haha thats a wake up call. stop worshipping a fucking gym shoe

  11. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Dallas Penn explains:

    Eff you adidas for treating me like a shitbag.


    Maybe you are a shitbag.. Ever think about that?

  12. THE-XFACTA Says:

    This nigga needs to wash his face and get a Quattro 4 razor

  13. DV Says:

    ahahahah nigga tried to burn a pair of shoes and some smoke and steam came off of the kicks, at the end they looked exactly like they did to start off with. Dude threw two matches in the shoe!!!! Pour some gasoline on those shits!!!!!! damn

  14. Joe 88 Says:

    Yo, I can’t get pass the first 10 seconds of thisclip, homeboy is too ugly to even watch (n)

    I guess it’s true that all you blogger niggas are fat, ugly, geeks that never got chicks

    Fuck is you thinking nigga, fat bloggin sticking nigga
    what bitch wanna lay with you?

  15. Harlem World Says:

    Id have waited till he got off his shift and beat the shit out of him.

  16. Remixznflow Says:

    # THE-XFACTA Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    This nigga needs to wash his face and get a Quattro 4 razor

    nigga looks bummy as hell.. wonder if its by design

  17. Joe 88 Says:

    Fuck is you thinking nigga, fat bloggin stinking nigga
    what bitch wanna lay with you?


  18. Harlem World Says:

    *Cant get over the genius that is Cameron Giles*

  19. Remixznflow Says:

    *bumps “sneakers” by raekwon in honor of this video

  20. Duro Says:

    I guess it’s true that all you blogger niggas are fat, ugly, geeks that never got chicks

    *hears the shots from miles away*

  21. Sham aka The Computer Puter! Says:

    50’s mad at Fabo. Anything for publicity. 50 better not ride on Fab. hopefully Fab can get some post-ether success if this shit pops off

  22. Ghost Writer Says:


  23. eskay Says:

    >>I guess it’s true that all you blogger niggas are fat, ugly, geeks that never got chicks

    at least we ain’t afraid to put a picture out there….or rap over a Wale beat..

    and i’m gorgeous nigga, show your girl my pic and watch her eyebrow raise Curtis style.

  24. FUPM618 Says:

    lol this nigga is a herb

  25. eskay Says:

    and pause niggas rating dallas looks

  26. herbsaac Says:

    Cut your hair.. shorten the video to a minute.. i had to skip though.. i thought a song was gonna come.. never did.. what is up with that lil twist hair cut nowadays? its not a high top or anything.. its a cone.. it looks retarded.. just like all the emo cuts the white boys are wearing.. and the skinny jeans.. WHY IS THIS SHIT TAKING OVER RAP????

  27. BlackDonte Says:


  28. Ay! Says:

    I think the moral of the story is adidas got snitches…. internets…

  29. Main Says:

    get off the racist shit pussy

  30. top ramen shotta Says:

    you getting beat up everytime you go out has nothing to do with the legendary shoe company. grow a set men!

  31. mie Says:

    the problem is adidas. the problem is philly. i live in jersey. ive been to philly about 7 or 8 times. EVERY TIME i go there, some fucked up shit happens. people from philly are fucking nuts. i dont fuck with philly anymore. i stick to NYC.

    philly is also the only place ive ever had my car broken into. and ive been all over brooklyn, bronx, & queens.

  32. mie Says:

    ^^^ i meant to put “the problem ISNT adidas.”

  33. Un EL aka Garcia Vegas is my next door neighbor Says:

    THE-XFACTA Says:
    October 6th, 2009 at 4:57 pm
    Dallas Penn explains:

    Eff you adidas for treating me like a shitbag.


    Maybe you are a shitbag.. Ever think about that?


  34. Un EL aka Garcia Vegas is my next door neighbor Says:

    DP really went in for 10 mins and 43 seconds. haha

  35. bomber Says:

    haha thats a wake up call. stop worshipping a fucking gym shoe


    Word, stop thinking these crackas owe you something just because you spend all your disposable income on their shoes, they owe you nothing, you gave them money…they gave you shoes. Even Steven as the kids say…

  36. brown Says:

    Why this lame in a parking lot in freeport?

  37. bomber Says:

    Side bar….that nigga turned the camera off mad fast, (4:00)He acted like he didnt REALLY want to do it but thought better of it, After all who feels like getting a smooth 50,000 volts on a rainy fri. night in Philly. I guess that Rodney King shit is still fresh in his memory.

    He shoulda took an ass whuppin / tasering in front of the ADIDAS store to emphasize his point

  38. Sammy the Bullshitter Says:

    They prolly thought dude was homeless…

  39. steven biko Says:

    YO! I love this shit. CORONA!!!!

  40. zev 1 Says:

    For the record, that was on South Street, Not Market St. And he should have never turned the camera off for Philly cops. They will fuck you up quick

  41. Edle Says:

    Scoopy Giles ass lookin bum. Dude looks like a human cartoon bum. I would have kicked you out of my store too looking like you was about to pee in a pickle jar and shit.

  42. Edle Says:

    Yo I actually just watched a few more mins of this shit. He talkin bout being black I thought this habib sadam hussein looking bum-hawk was indian or some shit.

    Advice for you bum:

    Buy a wash cloth.
    Buy some soap.
    Locate some water.

    Acquire a razor.
    Cop some shaving cream or gel, might need to be gel because your face looks thirsty.

    Open the yellow pages.
    Contact a lawyer.
    Sue whoever gave you that mess that is masquerading as a haircut.
    Take the proceeds and find a barber who is hetero and cuts straights mens hair.

    Run laps around the block whenever time allows.
    Eat less Burger King and drink more water.

    Last but not least.


    Only dude snitching is you.

  43. NuT$ Says:

    Get off this dudes nuts Es and stop filling your blog with this type of filler please.

  44. Edle Says:


    anybody see the video dude posted about house parties?

  45. elgindotcom Says:

    i like d.p. and all but id treat him like a shit bag just for the way he looks.. get in shape, square.

  46. spirit equality Says:

    smh @ everybody talking about how another man looks.

    i think this is some fuckery, but it would be fuckery even if he was a male model in a three piece brooks brothers

    the girl stopped you from filming in their store. IT’S THEIR STORE. it would be different if he saw someone ELSE filming and they only picked on him. he walks in with a camera, they tell him to shut it off. the reasonable thing to do would be to say “i run a blog that gets ___ hits per day. i’m filming a segment for my blog, is that cool?”. the even smarter thing to do would be to have asked that BEFORE he started shooting. 9 times out of 10, people would say “yes” if approached respectfully. instead, he starts shooting without asking and doesn’t explain WHY he’s shooting after he’s asked to stop. SMH.

    come on, fam.

  47. Philly town Says:

    Fuck Dallas Penn. Adidas is the shit and always will be. Dont be bitter cuz u got treated like the shit bag u are. Who the fuck are u and what makes u so special.


  48. Edle Says:

    spirit i agree with all you are saying and i assume everybody else does too its just some shit to laugh at

    like why you all worried about what type of sneaks you got on if you look like a cross between an oompa loompa and bizarre from d12? maybe if dude took himself serious as a person and had some self respect he would not have to get all aggy about being booted from a sneaker shop

    they threw his bum ass out of there like KRS One did to that PM Dawn fruit that he resembles


    dallas. you need to fall back.
    you got tossed out of a retail store cuz you had a camera.
    you all up calling this woman DOING HER JOB out her name like you some celebrity who got offended. sorry b. i usually fuck with your shit. but you straight lunching. calling em nazis and shit. acting like you got fucked up by the cops like you was an anarchist in pittsburgh. you didnt even get a citation.
    slow down homey.

  50. elgindotcom Says:

    your name should be texas penn from now on until you loss some weight.. that stomach is way bigger than dallas.

  51. derp Says:

    Dallas Penn. I hope you are reading this. Your videos suck. Quit calling me INTERNETS

  52. CHICAGOrilla Says:

    The situation is unfortunate and regrettable. I work for the retail store here in Atlanta and it is our company policy that we do not allow photos or videos to be taken in store. We have plenty of tourists that fall through that love to get flicks in but we respectfully ask them not to do so in our store. I think baby was out of line for touching you and your camera but at the end of the day the incident definitely is not racially motivated and is not a reflection of the entire adidas Originals Brand.

    Hopefully Dallas, you can get at the store manager or holler at someone in corporate to make the situation right.

    Those were a good looking pair of Lavers you burned bruh.

  53. Dallas Says:

    Thanx Eskay for posting this video.

    Fux adidas and fux that bitch for putting her hands on me. If I had slapped the shit out of her I would have been locked the fux up too. You comment ass comment niggas is sweeter than candy anyhoo. I see y’all niggas in the street and y’all don’t even speak. You fags send your girl over to kiss my cheek.

    I don’t rap. I live my fux’n life and I don’t like my property or my freedom compromised by a snitch bitch. That is why i want that chick fired on her ass or I will blame adidas for training their employees to treat consumers some kind of way. If you was put out like this I would ride for justice too or else you would be a sucker.

    Thanx you internets

  54. N.I.T.E. Says:

    OK…I never write…KCUF ADIDAS. I’m not even a sneaker head, but, I am a culture fiend…Hip hop all day…And I’m a Black man…Consequently…I skcuf with D.P. (ll)…Some of you ignant mfs may not see what is wrong with this, but, I do…And I’m in solidarity with my man…”Polo on my body, Nike’s on my feet”…Oh yeah, I’m from Houston’s southside anyway…That’s how we get down. Stand up for something you lame ssa youngsters.

  55. A-Ski Says:

    I’m from LA (or at least a part of it) where…
    -1) you dont CRY on the YouTubes about being thrown out of a store
    -2) you shave your fave and dont rock “hipster” gumby cuts
    -3) if I EVER did see this cat on the streets, i WOULD let him know what time it was, to his corny buster-ass face
    -4) niggz is ALREADY used to being thrown out of stores (hence, see #1)
    -5 when cops tell you to turn the camera off, you know NOT TO!

  56. Nah Right » Video: RANSOM x adidas Originals ‘09 Says:

    […] still fuck adidas but definitely shout out to Matt George. He took down his Twitter but you can still peep this and […]

  57. Mosta Says:

    so funny that you mentioned Saucony because Philly(I represent 215 via 212) love them.

  58. realtalk82 Says:

    ok, I just wasted 5 mins of my time to watch that video????? I still rock adidas for as long as I live and this won’t make it different,some stores have issues with camera’s in there stores….whatever it is what it is .I can’t see no race shit there(black on black)!!!Anyway someone said he looks like cleveland and I almost died laughin.LOL

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