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Video: The Next 48 Hours With Raekwon Pt. 3

Part 3 follows Raekwon to SOS DJ Speciality Store (Bronx), Hot 97 Listening Event, NYU Secret Show & Hot 97 S.O.B. Show.

Previously: Part 2 | Part 1

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9 Responses to “Video: The Next 48 Hours With Raekwon Pt. 3”

  1. sean coonery Says:

    Cash Money > No Limit..

    and Master P made 400 mil and he blew it all. I remember when NL used to drop albums every week. Master P had all his masters…first rapper to ever do that.

    Than Jay-Z followed with owning your masters and so did Baby/Birdman.

    I used to ride thru the ‘nolia….bumping that “I NEED A PROJECT CHICK, GIVE ME A HOOD RAT BITCH”

    Lil Wayne is the greatest in the South…Juvie the great was fav. southern artist at the time…

    CMB > The Roc > The Row > La Face > Bad Boy > NL

  2. sean coonery Says:

    Anybody remember Juvenile? Juvie the great…he used to be the best in CASH MONEY HOT BOYZ….

    Until Wayne dropped the Carter 1…then Wayne became the greatest…

    I always used to see BG in the ‘Nolia….nigga need rehab tho…very talented artist..

    Mannie Fresh was the Pharrell and Just Blaze of the South..

    That line up was like the 2008-2009 Lakers…

    Mannie Fresh
    Lil Wayne
    Juvie the great

    You couldn’t tell me that line up…Cash Money Boyz…wasn’t better than the ROW and the ROC at the prime…

    Cash Money > No Limit

    Baby made Master P look like Dame Dash..

    Baby = Down South Diddy

  3. SDP Says:

    sean ..we the same….these niggas can’t fathom the definition of ballin…

    “When I say I’m ballin I’m not talkin ’bout a ball
    I’m talkin ’bout Tiffany & Co. stones out the mall”

  4. sean coonery Says:

    I Fucks with Ron Browz…his beats are sick…even though he stole T-Pains swag…

    a Ron Browz beat is what ethered the Camel…

    Nas on a Ron Browz beat >>>>>

    Ron Browz beats >>> Just Blaze Beats

  5. sean coonery Says:

    but for real though…Cash Money Boys…started the whole bling bling era…and them niggas made platinum chains hot..

    Once I saw Cash Money with all the gold and platinum jewelry…I knew it was over…

    That same day I saw that video….with Baby 50 cars…and 22 inch rims…and Juvie, BG, Wayne and Baby with those Cash Money medallions and platinum chains..

    I was like wow..its officially over…the whole rap game has changed….their influence has been equalled by known..

    I remember stacking up my c-notes, rent, 2 weeks pay checks…and I went to go get me a platinum chain like cash money..

    cuz I seen juvie, bg and wayne with one…

    real talk…Cash Money made me step my jewlery game up…I went from gold to platinum….Cash Money made gold wack….and i used the word “Bling Bling” for the first time lol…

  6. sean coonery Says:

    When niggas tell me that Lil Wayne aint the greatest rapper ever…I cringe…

    when niggas tell me that Baby/Birdman aint better than Master P, Diddy or Hov..

    I cringe….

    What Baby did to Universal was unprecendented

    Cash Money wasn’t the greatest label in the south only…but in the world…

    Everybody wanted to be a part of cash money, sign with them, wear platinum chains, ride around in 22s, make millions, wear 3xl throwbacks and jerseys….

    for real…

    look at Young Money now…they’re the new Rocafella

  7. Baby Feet Says:

    The Ecstatic or Slaughterhouse?

  8. imtoohigh Says:

    aye wats the song at 836 im too high to find it.


  9. kedordu Says:

    u make me laff wit that cash money is the greatest !! deathrow hasnt been making music since early 2000s and none of these independent labels have stilll reached or achieved what they did . its not my opinion .. check ur history …

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