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Lil Wayne on Twitter


Jay-Z made Twitter news this week when he began his fifth week on the Trending Topics, which was also something he briefly mentioned in an interview recently, even though he still shuns his own account.

And then there’s Dwayne, who might have mentioned something about being on AIM in a vlog last year and who only got around to signing up for an account now. Regardless, I still strongly believe that the man doesn’t know how to use a computer.

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He may very well be the only one who can beat Diddy at his own game, seeing as Jay could care less right now. We’ll have to wait and see. While you’re logged in, follow the official Nahright post feed here.

Shouts to hustleGRL, she did the background (and the Forever single.)

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16 Responses to “Lil Wayne on Twitter”

  1. AnonPhenomenon Says:

    *couldn’t care less – if he could care less, then why doesn’t he?

  2. DiJah Says:

    well he is on facebook and he said nothing about being on twitter, hmm we will see if that’s the real Wayne.

    Jay on twitter? could care less!

  3. Million dollar baby Says:

    who has that coke wave 2 mixtape!!!?!?!??

  4. mie Says:

    Regardless, I still strongly believe that the man doesn’t know how to use a computer.


  5. Asparaghost Says:

    WTFFF!!!!!!!!! OFFICER RICKYY?? wow! mtv just killed themselves. the list is officially a joke now. every other rapper on the list so far i dont mind at all. altho u can rearrange it a lil. but rickyy?? how does he make top 5?? r ya’ll on crack?? na for real.. RICKYY??? n*gga is garbage. his overall phoniness makes him unbareable.. wat f*kin fan base?? who lissens to this fat tub a sh*t. i dont know a single n*gga that would rate this dude. f*k mtv, fuk rick ross n f*k any n*gga that agrees wit this sh*t. every n*gga on the list has a stronger movement. gucci, jeezy, fab would sh*t on ross, fif already bodied him, and even raekwon id rate over him.. ur tellin me he deserves it more than em? howwww??? what in the f*k has he accomplished so far?? SERIOUSLYY! i was lookin 4ward to top 5 but ya’ll just killed it. DTR WAS SH*T! the n*gga had to put like 20 remixes of each song out n they still never got much hype. any n*gga that works wit him makes me question them. he must b dishin u out sum dollaz. ya’ll gona c how out of place officer ricky is on this list. whoever works there at mtv dont know sh*t. eat a d*ck b*tch n*ggaz. not only his album but entire career is a joke and a flop. this is why rap will die out. cuz nobody seems to have any common sense left. BOYCOTT MTV


    Thisis50.com regular

  6. cMac Says:

    Follow me

  7. Beave Says:

    Nigga at a house party was trying to tell me Soulja Boy is more talented than Cam’ron last night. Only to see MTV rating ross #5…standards today are crumbling niggas. Just…CRUMBLING.

  8. Mag Says:

    No one can say those two 50 Mixtapes weren’t heat!! To call his music local is Hate at its purist form!

    And to say rawse survived the beef is hilarious! This is the state hip hop is in… All DTR is tight Production thanks to J.U.S.T.I.C.E league. There is no memorable song on there.

    oh and Dr.Dre fell off yes… I said it.

    Man Fuck MTV… Cant wait for Lupe to drop im coppin 3

  9. LilWayneHQ Says:


  10. ILLIONAIRE Says:

    # LilWayneHQ Says:
    October 3rd, 2009 at 4:41 pm


  11. LilWayneHQ Says:

    lol ^

  12. babyGirlCanada Says:

    what’s comedy is @ruleyork and @50cent going at eachother on twitter.. lol. if Rule really comes back *sigh* I wonder if the Kanye moment won’t be the last stage bumrush moment…

    we can only hope..

  13. Thisis50.com owns Says:

    Jay said that twitter isnt his awhile ago, all late.

  14. Adam Says:

    whats that gif off :s? whats wayne doing

  15. Adam Says:

    This is Waynes actual twitter page dudes

  16. Adam Says:


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