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Video: Snoop Talks About Big Pun

Snoop and Big Pun: The Legacy director Vlad Yudin talk about Pun’s legacy and how it hasn’t been Sean Combs’d yet.

Props: 2DBz

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2 Responses to “Video: Snoop Talks About Big Pun”

  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    how it hasn’t been Sean Combs’d yet.

    ^ Thank Hey-Zeus

  2. bobroxemall Says:

    ok ok big pun hes ok ..but dont sleep on MAC DRE the second wave great dead rappers..also speaking on big l and ugk’s own pimp c …big pun cool but a whole movie… we make a movie for every rapper this shit gona look like the fucken marvel movies coming out … keep it with the creme de la creme make movies about rappers that moved hip hop molded it ..not ever rapper was the shit ..not to tarnish ..pun but whos next if nelly eats it will we be like oh man that joint he put out …we smoked blunts and banged hoes to ..nah recognize great talents not just dead rappers ..nuff / blah rip /dep big pun

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