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Video: Fat Joe Speaks on Liza Rios & Big Pun

In this extra clip from his conversation with Green Lantern, Joe speaks on Pun’s widow and her financial situation.

Previously: Fat Joe Calls Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg (Audio)

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8 Responses to “Video: Fat Joe Speaks on Liza Rios & Big Pun”

  1. 40 Inc Says:

    Naledge goes in over Pharrell’s “I’m Good” instrumental.

    ^ why when everytime pharrell on the fuckin hook ppl think hes the only one hat did the beat? its THE NEPTUNES there would be no pharrell if there was no chad

  2. sleep Says:

    I’m just going with the plays that are called(c)jT.O

  3. Mr. First Says:

    I def tried to trade TO from my fantasy team after today…

  4. verses Says:

    It’s 3 in the afternoon here and I’m already drunk…there playing Robert Johnson at my bar in the afternoon…why am I on nah? Fark…

  5. J. Caesar Says:

    J. Caesar Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation….<<<<por que?????

  6. verses Says:

    Verses…long time lurker…use to laugh at two times and pockets comments…now I’m comment…the night shift has gone to shit ever since eng rep stopped…I’m out…still sitting in this bar waiting for wifey who only finishes at 6…fark

  7. verses Says:

    Where is two times these days?

  8. Sye Says:

    Now you know Fat Joe’s a lying fat piece of shit as soon as he said Big Pun owned 36 motorcycles. How the hell is Big Pun’s fat ass gonna be riding on a motorcycle.

    Fat Joe’s a lying thief plus he doesn’t write his lyrics and he didn’t write Lean Back research it Fat Joe was sued by a rapper named Face Dirty who wrote Lean Back copy & past this link in you tube, INTERVIEW WITH FACE DIRTY THE GUY WHO WROTE LEAN BACK NOT FAT JOE.

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