Video: KRS-One “Def Jam Singlehandedly Destroyed Hip-Hop”

To be fare, the full quote is:

“Def Jam is the dopest label in hip-hop, in the culture of hip-hop,” he said. “There really would be no hip-hop as we know it today if it wasn’t for Def Jam. But you don’t get that respect without also being the label that single-handedly destroyed hip-hop.”

via XXLMag

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26 Responses to “Video: KRS-One “Def Jam Singlehandedly Destroyed Hip-Hop””

  1. dronkmunk Says:


  2. A tribe called quest aka Yo Lurker, Im really happy for you & imma let you finish, but my comment is one of the greatest comments of all time Says:

    Tell us how you really feel Chris.

  3. GMZ Says:

    Yea some of those albums are hot…I can’t defend radio at all…but mainstream people don’t wanna rock Kris and or Rae…

    What chu tryin to kick knowledge?

  4. Remixznflow Says:

    this nigga.. im tired of KRS.. yeah i said it…

  5. dronkmunk Says:

    What ever happened to that Casketface guy?

  6. Cmac Says:


  7. Deano Says:

    I can agree but I think Interscope is also involved. And that was a sorry explanation from Jay to Oprah about the n-word in his lyrics. You are so creative, how about replacing the n-word in your lyrics with ma dude, b, DaGod or something creative. Ya pum pum man, helping the man keeping peoples children ignorant to profit.

    Damn, we in limbo right now. Now is the perfect time to chnage certain ish in hiphop. There is nothing but garbage out there right now; no substance. You buy one of these albums you rock them for 2months tops.

    I know everyone can relate when I say you have to keep old school ish on your ipod. This ish is ridiculous, I have to give it to Drake though. He is the freshest out there right now. Damn big homie had to cut his ish out on his album. It would have been another Em/Renegade ish.

    I love that he made to the top from the bottom but free your mind now homes…

  8. Mr. First Says:

    to be fair > to be fare

  9. justin214 Says:

    Krs= angry old niggga with semi valid points though……. drake. Up next see what he do with it……


    Dear Krs, Hov is on Atlantic now. But the heads @ Atlantic are former Def Jam bosses so I guess he may have a point…….

  11. Prophecy_projectz Says:

    I dont know about singlehandedly destroying Hip-Hop but when you look at there roster right now and see how some dudes dont get promotion over others you’re kinda like “damn..”
    And I get that they need to recoup and in these times its better to push what’s hot. But at the same time, you got veterans and young dudes on there with core fanbases and potential to crossover without necessairly needing a pop hit (Roots, Nas, Ghostface, Meth, Red IMO). Like labels Def Jam don’t follow the trends, they create them (see DMX) so have some balls (Ayoo, pause on that) and give everyone a proper push and secure your profitable outlets (i-tunes, bonus CD incentives)

  12. Prophecy_projectz Says:

    I just watched the video, lol@ him saying that on the red carpert for that.

    You know, all craziness aside, I think what he said was fair enough.

  13. bc-tw Says:

    I was with Kris until the end where he said not to change anything about Def Jam. Well then why the fuck is he even saying anything about it if he doesn’t want anything to change? Meanwhile 5 seconds earlier he was borderline whining about how Def Jam controls the radio when other artists (i.e. KRS himself) can’t get any run fore their hot albums. I think he just likes hearing himself speak. Can he please take it back to Return of the Boom Bap or shut the fuck up? (Before the haters descend on me – pause – yes, I heard the KRS/Buckshot album and aside from the title track the shit is very far from dope.

  14. mie Says:

    # QB Says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Remixznflow Says:
    September 25th, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    this nigga.. im tired of KRS.. yeah i said it


    Co-sign. I respect all he did for hip hop etc, but he should step behind the scenes now. He doesn’t have it as an MC anymore..

    x 2

  15. king blair Says:

    Hip-Hop need a dental plan that nigga teeth is fucked the fucked up where Obama when you need him

  16. Daddy-Bariqua Says:

    KRS-One “Def Jam Singlehandedly Destroyed Hip-Hop”


    Because they never signed YOU?

    This old nigga is a Crab and a Haterrr!

  17. Incilin Says:

    First of all, that doesn’t make it any better. His full quote makes even less sense than the half quote.

    …and I think you meant “fair.”

  18. swaggoBEY. Says:

    yo he is a big ass whining baby…

  19. Chuck_You Says:

    Money killed HipHop, like it does everything else. The love and glorification of money I should say. Money watered down the art because a whole generation of artists just do it for the money. Their peers only respect the fact they in a position to glorify money so they deem them as hot, That causes the disconnect between the older and younger generation because before there was money cats were doing it to prove their skill and skills matter. Today skills are a bonus, and the perception of money only matters. Def Jam traditionally had the most artists with the perception of money which kept them relevant. But DefJam didn’t kill HipHop, the love for money did.

    {Sidebar: this is why Nas is doper than Big or JayZ, he didn’t come in with the most richest personna, he was just a dope emcee. This ultimately began his slide, he didn’t realize it until after the Firm album. He didn’t realize that being dope was enough.}

  20. TheCoolest Says:

    I Remember when he said 50 Cent’s album was Better that Kanye’s in 07.Now he’s mad that is album sold as much as if it came with Cancer or some shit.

    Still….. We all know Def Jam is Evil, it’s not anything new.

  21. lilslim79 Says:

    KRS all over the place

  22. chibossetta Says:

    When life gives you sour grapes, make WHINE.
    Bitter ass old school rapper = the jesse jackson of hip-hop.
    Sit yo d ass down & accept that
    Your star is nolonger blazing like Jays is


    i imagine the fact that def jam mastered the art of nyc radio payola may be the crux of his argument. also may have something to do with demise of Public Enemy, corporate takeovers (Def Jam Seagrams), and Hip Hop Capitalism a la Russel Simmons.

  24. What’s Going On – 9/25 | Hip Hop At Lunch Says:

    […] KRS-one speaks about the current state of music and explains why Def Jam brought about the death of hip hop.  He offers a good explanation. Check it out ->  More on […]

  25. dipher Says:

    How can people say theyre tired of KRS etc but not say they are tired of the artists on Def Jam when these artists are always getting heavy promotion because of everything BUT their music *kanye* and are always in the music press at one time or another promoting their shit.

    “Money killed HipHop, like it does everything else. The love and glorification of money I should say. Money watered down the art because a whole generation of artists just do it for the money. Their peers only respect the fact they in a position to glorify money so they deem them as hot,”

    Yeah and the ones who get the biggest marketing budgets are the more commercial ones on the roster, like Ne Yo and Rihanna. I dont see Ghostface’s new songs on teevee or radio. They probably dont even want him on the label and only keep him around for streed cred and to humour his fans who think there keepin it real or whatever. Someone needed to say this.

  26. de la Says:

    Krs went to africa w chappelle
    no but really what he meant to say is the radio is in the process of killing hip hop.. all the stations owned by same company its super fake

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