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Young Money feat. Lloyd – Bed Rock [Full/NoDJ]


We posted the incomplete version from Evil Empire’s mixtape, then an early version with Omarion, and now here’s the final Lloyd version again.

The second single from the Young Money compilation.

Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, Jae Millz & Lloyd – Bed Rock (prod. Kane Beatz) [Full/NoDJ]

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34 Responses to “Young Money feat. Lloyd – Bed Rock [Full/NoDJ]”

  1. blaze22 Says:

    Curren$y >>>>>

  2. - keka - Says:

    … downloading just cuz im bored.

  3. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:

    these guys are horrible im sure wayne get handed demos from better rapper everyday

  4. blaze22 Says:

    True but guarantee this is better than Wayne’s Rock Album.

  5. JON-B Says:

    THIS IS GONNA BE A #1 SONG…JUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sean coonery Says:

    nikki nikkie nikky minaj…the things i would do to you…

  7. Hollywood Cole Says:

    oh that was ur girl? I thought I recognized her…

  8. Chop Says:

    Young Money started off hot and it seems like they are fizzling already. Wayne’s shelved rock album + THIS = a brick waiting to happen.

  9. Pecklo Says:

    i wish hot spitta was still on the label…the possibilities

  10. farsideoff Says:


    # – keka – Says:
    September 23rd, 2009 at 11:53 pm

    i dont know.. i didnt use to like drake.. but, he def. grows on you… and, he’s not realy that bad of a rapper.. he’s decent.

    and, j.cole hasnt made that “one joint” to make me say much yet…
    _ _ _ _
    you need more “lights out” in your life

  11. farsideoff Says:

    damn, i mean “lights please” my bad

  12. Scholar Says:

    Sounds like Lloyd is repping YM now, kinda announces it at the end…figured as much when the snippet leaked. Swapping him out for Omarion is a definite upgrade…this’ll probably be bigger than Every Girl

  13. Scholar Says:

    If I was J. Cole I’d be tired of pretty much every interview being dominated by questions about Jay and/or Drake…interviewers basically all but beg homie to hate on Drake

  14. PW Says:


    DMX and Ja pose for a pic together…and titties. and ludacris. The titties belong to Fox Brown btw.

    This nigga X must be real hungry these days.

  15. fck50 Says:

    i listen to young money to escape reality

  16. ridalen Says:

    Get used to hearin this shit…guarantee this is gonna be a hit…shit its better than Every Girl so whatever *kanye shrug*

  17. Scholar Says:

    The shirt X is wearing looks like some shit Pinhead from Hellraiser would rock

  18. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Nicki’s melon look soooooo soft

  19. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Nicki’s melons look soooooo soft

  20. Imfrmdachi Says:

    i’m glad the industry provides jobs for *special* people

  21. YC Says:

    youngmoney aside from Drake is WACK,here goes a gudda gudda rhyme:

    im flyer than(fill in the blank)
    got more swag than(fill in the blank)
    fresher than(fill in the blank)
    (followed by, an “ill take your bitch” line)


  22. Killakate Says:

    This has to be the worst dressed bunch of people I have ever seen

  23. nolais504(uptown) Says:

    I smell hate, but who cares the smell will eventually go away….

  24. LilWayneHQ Says:

    Love it!

  25. litz Says:

    this gonna be hotter then every girl.
    wayne had the best verse easily…

  26. Freshaun Says:

    ok this song right makes me laugh lol The tightest part on the song is the hook where Lloyd is singin “I can make ur bedrock” and dat one part where Lloyd was like (and I myte butcher it not intentionally) “I’m like da Flintstone” was just funny… Gudda Gudda’s rhymes belong in da Gudda cuz he is trash on da mic. This is da second song I heard from him where it sounds like Weezy had to motivate him with courage to get in the booth. Nicki Minaj has a ego that’s entertaining. Drake needs more substance behind his feelings cuz they come off blank to me. I still ain’t convinced that Drake isn’t a brainwasher like more than half da rappers in da game

    King Fresh Has Spoken


  27. Ulises Says:

    Yo….ima have to say that they were hot when i heard sacrifice…and every girl…..this is one is aight (minus Nikki minaj)….i mean they want radio play…but fuck man…mediocre rapping is getting me mad…cuz ive heard these guys spit real shit (minus Gudda gudda…idk yet about him)….but i cant co sign this track…i mean its a radio song….but you get sick of hearing about girls you gonna fuck and shit..every girl was that track for them…this is like a contiued version adn shit…. i mean come on YM step yo game up please…….and please no more nikki minaj rapping…..maybe get her to do a duet ft drizzy or some shit but more please……Asbestos lol…………one last thing……….SHAKE AND BAKE RICKKY BOBBY LMAO

  28. Ulises Says:

    oh one more thing…….lol i heard spitta (curren$y) spit a flow saying something about no lomit and then young money on his track called “elevator music” if im not mistaken….its not a dis but its funny……wayne is dumb for letting him go……wtf why sign bow wow…he sucks

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  30. A.Bobbit Says:

    Well I love nicki minaj and I think people really need to start seeing we as a lyricist instead of someone they would bone…and for the comment about bowwow yes he does suck and now he has this “thug” image ha please he don’t even know what a thug is and if you pay attention drake is writting his maTerial now he’s a freakin front

  31. maranda Says:

    hey yall i think dat yall is soo coo n shit n i love you lloyd you iz soo fine

  32. delpine Says:

    hey youz are to kool and nike too so all the nungz that talk about you they dont evin no what there saying

  33. delpine Says:

    al thise nungz talk shit about them see what happens

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