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Video: J. Cole Talks About Drake

J. Cole speaks to the Los Angeles Leakers on The Takeover on Power 106 about Drake’s buzz and if he is or isn’t overrated.

I’d have to agree with what J. Cole is saying, and I commend him for not going left with it. For this caliber of artists, you can definitely say that whatever has happened for Drake had to go down the way it did for him to be where he is today. And that, in the very same way, whatever has happened (or will happen) for J. Cole did so for a reason.

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25 Responses to “Video: J. Cole Talks About Drake”

  1. sleep AKA I'M 2 COOL 4 U DUDES 2 RIDICULE Says:


  2. LordWillie Says:

    The reason Drake got on is that bitch ass niggas, bitches and old white suits dont want real niggas in the mainstream, so the take a bitch ass singin nigga and put him in the spotlight. Bitch ass niggas like drake is fucking up the game because these old white suits think thats what the mainstream wants but really the mainstream wants a real nigga like crooked I to be on top

  3. justin214 Says:

    Drake>>>> j.cole drake = future goat drake up next see what he do with it

  4. KanYe Shrug Says:

    He really nailed why hes so appealing to the masses

  5. D-Money from H-Town aka My Repertoire is USSR Says:

    Curren$y Anti-Club verse>>>>>>>>>>>


  6. - keka - Says:

    i dont know.. i didnt use to like drake.. but, he def. grows on you… and, he’s not realy that bad of a rapper.. he’s decent.

    and, j.cole hasnt made that “one joint” to make me say much yet…

  7. Shoeboxmarvyn Says:

    J Cole > Drake . J Cole is a higher caliber rapper than Drake. J Cole got hip hop on a leash. Only if you knew. If you listened to his last Mixtape “The Warm Up” That shit sounded like a legit complete Album. I’m not hating on Drake, hes a very good artist, but J Cole is way better. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  8. fuzz e. Says:

    I did my homework. I’ve heard every mixtape song from both of them. J.cole is the better lyricist….but drake is the more versatile and better song crafter. That’s the bottom line and thats why drake is blowing up so much. But yeah j.cole does have stronger lyrics.

  9. KillaNilla Says:

    Drake or Cole? Drake and Cole.
    Drake success ent because of, or despite of Cole, and vice versa.
    The goal is to make good/great records tht also make money.
    Drakes done numerous, Cole hasn’t done 2 many… as of yet.
    Both man are rated by the rated, so I ent gonna lose sleep.
    Overrated? cos evry 1 sez Drakes cool, ice cold even, dont mean they think he cant melt.

  10. mw Says:

    idk about all dat drake is a better song crafter BS, he’s just more commercial. u obviously aint finished doin ur homework yet then. Cole>>>>>Drake any day, period, point blank. just cuz his sh** aint watered dwn dsnt mean da songs arent crafted well. i havent heard a song from j. cole dat i ddnt like yet, & dats says it all for me.

  11. YC Says:


    people are acting like Drake came out the blue and just blew up, HE BLEW UP OFF A MIXTAPE no label was pushing that shit. ive been on em (pause) since 06′ his earlier mixtapes are better than so far gone, he’s getting alot of attention…sure..but dont go as far as saying the dudes overrated.

  12. swat Says:

    drake is overrated !! just like lil wayne started calling himself the greatest rapper alive and EVERYONE jumped on that wagon NOW lil wayne says drake is the best everyone is jumping on that wagon!! hes a fucken ja rule!!! decent dude thats it

  13. YC Says:

    drake is overrated !! just like lil wayne started calling himself the greatest rapper alive and EVERYONE jumped on that wagon NOW lil wayne says drake is the best everyone is jumping on that wagon!! hes a fucken ja rule!!! decent dude thats it

    wait a minute….hes got 4 hits on the radio from a MIXTAPE…whos doing that? oh and “forever”. Wayne fell off,do you really think wayne is still relevant,i skip his verse on every track,wayne co signs everybody look at all his features,cmon you need to come with a better reason than that.you need some Comeback Season in your life.

  14. JUlett Says:

    Finally! I like Drake but It be to many D*** Riders

  15. GEo Says:

    It’s funny how all the bloggers wanna co-sign J. Cole now that Drake is a huge star. If J. Cole blows up and gets a major buzz, you same people would start saying he’s wack and he’s overrated (just like y’all are saying with Drake now). So I guess in order to be loved by bloggers you have to be a not so famous underdog that no one listens too…. smh.

  16. kevhous Says:

    Let the man put out an album before we judge if he is overated or not. So far gone is a classic mixtape for sure basically an album but now can he craft an album that lives up to the hype? Every time I start to think drake is overated he comes with a hot verse or song ie forever and fear.

  17. wow Says:

    yo hip hop has really come to some gay shit…well the internet for that matter why can’t these nigaz coexist?? why is it like drake vs jcole jcole vs drake all of a sudden… first off these aint the only 2 new nigaz rappin that can spit right now actually these are prolly the 2 most mainstream of them all because of the cosigns and thats it. Pointblank Drake is more successful because he had a better project for mainstream consumption. When Lights Please is all over radio a la best i ever had then we can talk comparisons. Both of these dudes are humble for the most part and stay out of each others way why are you guys trying to stage a competition of sorts its foolish. What happen to the days when there was A Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac etc etc. You would think that now that nigaz have ipods and can leave the house with tons of different music to listen to they would be demanding more new artists to listen to at different times. Because personally i have my drake days and my j cole days and then listen to kid cudi and wale also

  18. kevhous Says:

    Co sign WoW

    Where would drake and j cole be without weezy and jay co signs? I don’t think half people would no who ethier on is right now

    Wale is every bit as good as those two but no major cosinlgn

  19. Freshaun Says:

    whoeva this dude J. Cole is, he’s on it. Drake is overhyped, I’m saying for you J. Cole. Trust me I’m built to be a gangsta so it’s nuttin. Tell dem King Fresh said it

  20. Ulises Says:

    People Always seem to ask for good rappers…..And finally one comes around…and everybvody is feeling his music……..and then boom……haters come around….really i hte how abunch of lame ass niggas put drake on thie rmyspace page and say he is good……but yet they say he aint one of the best…..people always seem to think that undergorund rappers are better…..drizy was one of those rappers….he was underground….but his songs got so addicting that he blew up….and now that hes blown up people are always jamming his music. hes all of a sudden OVERRATED……thats pure bullshit……yall rating him of off 5 singles….i bet half of of the people who tak shit havent listen to all 4 or 5 of his mixtapes…….j.cole is a beast……but he has a different apeal….drake has that emotional sit at home and think about your life kinda feel (so far gone minus best i ever had ignant shit, and unstoppable)…he made me think about alot of shit….im happy that hes became famous….but honestly id rather have had him be undergorund due to the fact that everyone is deriding his name and trying to makes his craft lesser than what it really is….but this is my opinion……….sidenote: i support kanye west lol (to lighten up the mood lol)

  21. LilWayneHQ Says:

    ROFL at him laughing at Drake falling

  22. buciii baby Says:

    i dont know.. i didnt use to like drake.. but, he def. grows on you… and, he’s not realy that bad of a rapper.. he’s decent.

    and, j.cole hasnt made that “one joint” to make me say much yet…

    ^^ that “one joint” that did it for me was Lights Please.

    && I agree with Wow and kevhous.

    P.S. I can’t lie, I slept on wale’s “back to the feature” mixtape but when i heard Wordplay i was hooookedddd! Can’t wait for his album

  23. Nah Right » Video: J. Cole Interview w/ The Los Angeles Leakers Says:

    […] J. Cole talks to the Los Angeles Leakers about his upcoming plans for 2010, which consists of finishing up this album (which he’s working with No I.D. on,) possibly getting Pharrell to produce for him, and he says he spoke to Drake about his last interview with them. […]

  24. SaiFullah-Soul Says:

    Honestly I have time for both dudes but J. Cole tops it. So Far Gon e was not a Hip-Hop mixtape so Drake looks like less of a legit emcee to me. The first two were two of the best mixtapes I’ve heard. J. Cole also put out two GREAT mixtapes. In know they CAN co-exist but competition is what Hip-Hop is all about. Pound for pound, lyric for lyric and flow for flow I think Cole has the edge. When Drake stops singing and makes an album that doesn’t consist of all lady tunes and features, THEN I might actually consider him an emcee. Until then, Lupe, Jay Electronica and J. Cole get the plays on my iPod.

    JUST BEGUN>>>>>>FOREVER (even with EM’s Yoga Flames)

  25. j.coles is soo cooldd... Says:

    for keke, i guarantee you have not listened to the Warm-Up. Boy is a lyrical beast. (no disrespect by the way just love J. Cole)

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