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The Closers ft. Reks – East Coast Renaissance


The fourth leak off The Closers (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Redeye and Thorotracks) debut album, The Bullpen Sessionz.

The Closers ft. Reks – East Coast Renaissance

Props to Miunex

Previously: The Closers (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Redeye & Thorotracks) ft. Bronze K – Rock You To Sleep

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15 Responses to “The Closers ft. Reks – East Coast Renaissance”

  1. 40 Inc Says:

    i love how rappers that nobody gives a fuck about try to form groups to try and get attention. love it

  2. THEFUTURE Says:

    i love how quality music comes from good emcees like “the closers” and dick heads dont peep game. i like every joint the put out so far, keep up the fucking good work yall.

  3. bedstuyfishfry Says:

    the first one is allways a hater..lol, probly wears a thong n skinny jeans. i allways like shabaam from rawkus days to now, he beasted this one. reks and red eye are dope 2. the beat is banging.

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a Roll That S#!t, Light That S#!t, Smoke That S#!T Says:

    Strength in numbers

  5. poppadoc Says:

    I guess its working cause they got my attention. THE CLOSERS got another one.

  6. THEFUTURE Says:

    this shit fire, stop the hate.

  7. criticalthinks Says:

    i like it, all the verses are tuff.

  8. undagroundlord Says:

    dopeness … if ppl are hating then this shit must be hot

  9. AmpGeez a.k.a Roll That S#!t, Light That S#!t, Smoke That S#!T Says:

    Real shit tho, I don’t know nare one of these niggas. I vaguely remember Sahdeeq but them other cats…?

    I bet they got Bun-B on the album.

  10. bigboibrag Says:

    blackball me fuck it i’ll make my money off of kush/ and keep rappers in check like a nike swoosh!

  11. DOEgirlFRESH Says:

    i like it, hard beat, hard rhymin. better than alot of the bullshit out.

  12. topoftheworldyoupricks Says:

    i guess Bun b on everybody shit huh? lmbao!!!!.Sahdeeq been around i like his verses on a few new things ive herd, he def stepped his bars up. Reks is coo, i like his primo joint but i dont think he in this group, he’s a feature. Red eye i never herd of, Thorotracks, i got they saga album, shit was dope,i guess thats the point ampgeez they tryna get they buzz up.lol

  13. digdowndeepandfindurself Says:

    shabaam n reks did this shit dirty.

  14. Violence Says:

    ill track these cats keep bringin it. shabaam killed it

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