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Video: Classic Jay-Z Lines (XXL)

Personally, I’d have to go with any line from the “Young, Gifted & Black” freestyle.

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19 Responses to “Video: Classic Jay-Z Lines (XXL)”

  1. Zee!! Says:

    Famous Jay-Z lines: “yo foxy come over here and suck my dick while I finish writing your rhymes”

  2. G7 Says:


  3. G7 Says:


  4. Just Jay Says:

    “…The game is a light bulb with eleventy million volts – And I’m just a moth, addicted to the floss when the doors lift from the floor and the tops come off…” – Allure

  5. KingPoetic Says:

    This was a damn shame

    Got me doin’ sticks, like
    Homie, you don’t know me, but the whole Word owe me, strip

  6. KingPoetic Says:


  7. HIPHOP Says:

    “I’m so far ahead of time, I’m bout to start another life, look behind you i’m bout to pass you twice”…….Hovi Baby

  8. Steve C. Says:

    At ya wake as i peep in
    Lookin ya casket, Feeling sarcastic
    Look at’em still sleeping

  9. Geo23 Says:

    one of my favorites: “The Speilberg when I spill words to tracks. Ima sick dude you cant feel worse than that, for you slow-minded dudes, I’ll reverse it back, I got a sick flow see, aint no nursing that” Its simple but hot

  10. HattoriHanzo Says:

    Get your weight up, I am
    two point two pounds you’re barely a hundred and twenty-five grams
    Wouldn’t expect y’all to understand this money
    Do the knowledge, do the few dollars, I’m due to demolish
    Crews Brooklyn through Hollis to a hood near you, what the fuck…

  11. HIPHOP Says:

    The entire second verse of Allure

  12. wow Says:

    one of my favorites was:

    “Wasn’t born hustlers I was birf’ in em”


  13. wow Says:

    another classic is:

    You said you been in this ten
    I’ve been in it five – smarten up Nas
    Four albums in ten years nigga? I can divide
    That’s one every let’s say two, two of them shits was due
    One was – NAHHH, the other was “Illmatic”
    That’s a one hot album every ten year average
    And that’s so – Lame!

  14. Chee Says:

    “ive got a condo with nothing but condoms in it.”

  15. YBE Says:

    “niggas try to subtract my life/ mymathematics is precise/ I carry the 9/ so fucking with just aint the answer”

  16. jamWee.com Says:

    The entire verse off of “The Watcher 2” – best Jay-Z lines ever


    any line from Ether

  18. rekzone Says:

    that clown said the line wrong its “id rather die enormous than live dormant”

    one of the best

    “well they call me jay hova cause the flow is religious and ever since i was sixteen i was holdin digits i see this industry clearer as if i had coke in the trunks and cops in the rear mirror”

    “wake up with one in ya brain and that cocaine flow straight numbin ya pain”

    “novocaine flow hoe you aint know like a baller in a impala jigga remain low than i pop up tear the block up kick up like soccer”

  19. Special Ed Says:

    “I go in ya deeper, I only bone divas, impregnate the world when I cum through ya speakers”

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