Video: Lord Finesse Remembers Battle w/ Roc Raida

The big homie reminisces about a couple of turntable battles he had with Roc Raida.

Previously: RIP Roc Raida

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16 Responses to “Video: Lord Finesse Remembers Battle w/ Roc Raida”

  1. baby jesus Says:

    *daps mark sanchez*

  2. b-ease Says:

    Gods Son
    Hell Hath No Fury
    The Recession
    The Drought 3
    Late Registration
    The Fix

    My top ten of the aughts off the top.

  3. Digital Scales Says:

    RIP Roc Raida

  4. sean coonery Says:

    me and the wifey are freaks….we keep the anal plug on deck….

  5. sean coonery Says:

    fabolous > lord finesse

    lloyd banks > lord finesse

    cassidy > lord finesse

    jadakiss > lord finesse

  6. sean coonery Says:

    *daps baby jesus*

    *smacks lv millionaire shades of his face*

    *stomps them out in the ground with LV monte carlo argento blue loafers*


  7. baby jesus Says:

    i aint see a rookie qb look this good(n) this early on ever….word

  8. baby jesus Says:


  9. sean coonery Says:

    matthew stafford > mark sanchez

    matt ryan > mark sanchez

    joe flacco > mark sanchez

  10. baby jesus Says:


  11. baby jesus Says:

    sanchez > palmer
    sanchez > manning (both)
    sanchez > rivers

  12. baby jesus Says:


  13. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Raida was recently in an mixed martial arts accident


    Musta got Superkicked in the chest like Charlie Murphy did Rick James

  14. Marcus Robinson Says:

    Roc Raida at 3:49

  15. Chuck_You Says:

    What Finesse was speaking on:

  16. Video: Lord Finesse Remembers Battle w/ Roc Raida : NODFACTOR.COM Says:

    […] R.I.P Roc […]

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